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 JFC 2: Recap, Results, & Awards

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JFC 2: Recap, Results, & Awards Empty
PostSubject: JFC 2: Recap, Results, & Awards   JFC 2: Recap, Results, & Awards Icon_minitimeFri Jul 10, 2009 3:47 pm

- After selling out the first ever JFC show, the second show dubbed High Stakes had a lot of shoes to fill. At JFC 1 nearly every finish was by an armbar submission and saw almost every fight a epic battle of heart and determination. Tonight was absolutely no different!

- The opening bout featured a up and coming prospect that is highly touted as one of the best Heavyweights to date, that would be Jamison Aleksy. His opponent was Robbie Law who was out to prove the MMA Junkies wrong and pull off a +300 underdog bid! Well truth be told once the fight began Robbie didn't stand a chance with Aleksy's wrestling skills. He quickly took Law to the mat and pounded away rocking him early. While Law tried to fight for his life he left his arm open giving Aleksy a great opportunity to grab onto it and swing around for a brutal armbar! A little over two minutes and Jamison Aleksy has his second MMA victory moving him up to 2-0.

- Next we saw another one sided fight in the betting lines as Pekka Soikkeli took on Jake Davids. Jake knew coming into this fight that Pekka Soikkeli has far superior Jiu-Jitsu so he had to keep this fight standing! But apparently he didn't plan his fight out well because instantly when both men clinched up Soikkeli tripped Davids up and started working on his submissions. Much credit to Davids for lasting a whole round on the mat. Round two proved to be too much for Davids as he grew tired Soikkeli slipped behind Davids and locked in a Rear Naked Choke and Davids had no choice but to tap!

- Up next featured two fighters who took part in JFC's first event and suffered defeat. Lucas Wallinder was 2-0 before joining the JFC but looked bad in the main event against KJ Kesler who just dominated him. This fight was truly what MMA is about, it featured 15 minutes of knockdown drag out shear brutality! I don't think the fans ever sat down throughout the whole fight. Chris Holt came out and proved that his first JFC loss was a fluke as he out struck Wallinder all day long. Wallinder tried to get Holt to the mat 41 TIMES! But Holt's extremely good takedown defense prevented Wallinder from taking him down 40 of those 41 times! Both men put on a show with their non-stop pace but Chris Holt emerged the solid victor with a 30-27 decision from all 3 judges.

- After that barn burner we switched to middleweight action where two very good ground fighters squared off. Not many people gave 0-1 Samuele Oren a chance but after tonight they probably will never doubt his submission skills again. In one round of action we saw Oren go for 11 submission attempts and at first Nudger was looking good against them but finally he got caught in an armbar and was forced to tap out losing his undefeated record. Oren was very emotional after his victory and celebrated with his son who met him in the cage after the fight.

- Known as one of the most exciting fighters on the JFC roster, Kari Taalasmaa wasn't sweating his bout against the 0-1 Joseph Steele. Kari, talented but cocky underestimated Steele's takedown abilities. Steele took down Kari twice in the first round but once on the ground is where he really shined. Steele dominated the first round after some exciting ground and pound action. As soon as round two started both men came out fast and saw Kari scoop Steele up and slam him hard almost knocking Steele unconscious! All Kari had to do was land a few blows to a rocked Steele who didn't have a clue where he was! The ref jumped in and stopped the fight instantly to protect Steele.

- This was a striker vs. BJJ fighter here and today striking won! Mike Hollywood has DANGEROUS KO power that we all know about but Jonathan Wiley was looking to clinch up with Hollywood and take him down to submit him. Hollywood had other plans and after over 4 minutes of failed attempts to take the fight to the mat by Wiley Hollywood finally landed a beautiful left hook that dropped Wiley! Hollywood pounced on Wiley before he could even think about recovering and mounted him to deliver a final blow to Wiley knocking him out cold! The entire Welterweight division better watch out for Mike Hollywood because his KO power might just be unmatched!

- In the mainevent we had another huge fight planned out for two undefeated fighters. Alexander Ahleby and Steven Bishop were on top of the middleweight division leading into this fight so the crowd knew it was going to fireworks! And that is exactly what it was. But it was so fast the people were left wanting more! Both men came out lightning quick and it was Steven Bishop his landed a beautiful takedown into side control where he quickly latched onto Ahleby's arm and cranked his left arm back behind his back forcing Ahleby to tap out with his other free hand! Just like that in under one minute Steven Bishop scores a very impressive quick submission victory via kimura! The sell out crowd gave him a standing ovation while Alexander Ahleby stood there disgusted with himself.

Jamison Aleksy defeated Robbie Law via Submission (Armbar) in 2:20 of Round 1 (73%)
Pekka Soikkeli defeated Jake Davids via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 2:02 of Round 2 (64%)
Chris Holt defeated Lucas Wallinder via Unanimous Decision in 5:00 of Round 3 (100%)
Samuele Oren defeated Gib Nudger via Submission (Armbar) in 4:47 of Round 1 (60%)
Kari Taalasmaa defeated Joseph Steele via TKO in 0:05 of Round 2 (100%)
Mike Hollywood defeated Jonathan Wiley via TKO in 4:37 of Round 1 (78%)
Steven Bishop defeated Alexander Ahleby via Submission (Kimura) in 0:52 of Round 1 (95%)

Fight of the Night:
“Hugo” Lucas Wallinder Vs. Chris “Handgun” Holt - 100% Fight Rating

Knockout of the Night:
Kari Taalasmaa - 0:05 TKO (Strikes) over Joseph Steele

Submission of the Night:
Steven Bishop - 0:52 Kimura Victory over Alexander Ahleby
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JFC 2: Recap, Results, & Awards
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