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 Junkie Ultimate Fighter Season One Announcement

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PostSubject: Junkie Ultimate Fighter Season One Announcement   Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:48 pm

- Junkie Fighting Championships has officially announced Season One of Junkie Ultimate Fighter! Two weight classes will be put to the test to find the JFC's Ultimate Fighter in that division. The winner of each division will be crowned the first ever champion in that weight class and will be awarded $1,000 for their next signing bonus with the JFC. Here are some specs on season one of JUF.

Weight Classes:
Middleweight (185lbs. - 204lbs.)
Welterweight (170lbs. - 184lbs.)

Team Names:
Team Makya Tap Out
Team Latent Hostility

- Starting AUGUST there will be shows taking place every week on Thursday Night (Subject to Change) featuring two fights from JUF each show. The way the season will operate it is unsure how often your fighter will fight. It could be only on 2 to 3 weeks rest or it could be longer. It may possibly mean your fighter will be out of action for more than 30 days and over his inactivity clause. If that is the case I will allow him to do Quick Fights while he waits. If that is going to be an issue with anyone please do not accept this offer.

- Also, if your fighters contract expires before the next round he will be offered another one. We don't want anyone dropping out of the company and not resigning messing the show up. So if you would do something like that DO NOT accept this offer to be on the show.

- $1,000 for next signing bonus
- Division Championship (First Ever)

- Offers are being sent out to certain fighters of the roster asking if they are willing to take part in this great opportunity. If you are in another weight class or you did not receive an invite please be patient, your time will hopefully come to do great things in the JFC.
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Junkie Ultimate Fighter Season One Announcement
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