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 Yallen Silver- Part 1

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PostSubject: Yallen Silver- Part 1   Yallen Silver- Part 1 Icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2009 10:55 pm

Bright lights from the ceiling cast mighty shadows across the room, revealing where each camera and microphone lie. Furthermore, the direct location of each individual within the room is as well shown as recording devices are focused on one man and one man alone. Yallen Silver. The 22 year old, past Amateur MMA Fighter and future pro rests in a chair as the interview looks to begin. Curiosity arises on this silent, 170 pound fighter focusing around the debut to come, and who he has his eyes on.

Starting off, a lady in her mid twenties stands behind the camera as she adjusts the mini mic attached to her shirt. Stepping forward, she walks but a few feet before sitting along side Yallen, waiting for the cameras to roll. In a soft tone, she would speak to greenhorn, getting his attention, “Okay Yallen, we begin in 3, 2, 1, and action!”

As the cameras roll, the young lady would continue in a more direct and clear tone, “Hello fans, here today I have with me Yallen Silver. Holding an unbeaten amateur record, many speculate him as untested. So Yallen, I must ask you, what makes you think you stand any chance within a professional organization like JFC, even if it is rather new itself?”

In a calm, collective tone, Yallen would reply without any expressions overcoming his face, “The way I know this is due to my training. I’m quite sure many of those who you say speculate me as untested would know that I will fair much better then what they think if they were in the gym with me day in and night out.”

Nodding, she couldn’t help but be impressed with the answer before continuing, “Very well, I’m sure that is true. Although, what about other welterweights in JFC. Do you really feel yourself superior to any of them? For instance, Sean Miller is already 1 and 0 coming into JFC. Not only that, but on the P4P rankings, he exceeds you by more then fifteen-hundred spots! Can you honestly handle such competition without any QFC fights?!”

With a bit of a glare, Yallen would gradually begin to feel a bit dishonored, though struggles to keep his cool as he replies again, “Well, I am planned to take apart of JFC’s Ultimate Fighter. I am quite sure the show will reveal whatever skills I have, be it for better or worse. Besides, if Sean Miller finds himself to be as great as what you seem to think he is, maybe he can enter the show as well, and I’ll be glad to meet him head on in it. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if Harrison schedules a fight for him and I even before the show.”

With a tilt of her head, she would continue to pursue the mind of Yallen, “What about his next opponent, Randy Cross? He as well is an undefeated welterweight looking to make his debut at JFC, unlike you without any matches at all.”

Pushing off of the chair Yallen would stand up, gazing down on the young reporter before speaking in a stern tone, “You know what? They both can join the damn Ultimate Fighter if they think they can handle me, unless they’re both cowards who plan to hide behind their unbeaten record. I may have not had a professional fight yet, but at least I didn’t pick on weaklings in no company. I hope they join up in JFC’s Ultimate Fighter so I can give them a go. If they win, good job, they deserve their record. Though, if I win, then you will all see I deserve to be here. Either way I’m certain after the show people will have more respect for me, definitely in these little interviews. I’m done here.”
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PostSubject: Re: Yallen Silver- Part 1   Yallen Silver- Part 1 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 12:39 am

Enjoyed it, nice job man.
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Yallen Silver- Part 1
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