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 JFC 3: No Limits Buildup

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PostSubject: JFC 3: No Limits Buildup   JFC 3: No Limits Buildup Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 4:39 pm

- After selling out the first two JFC events we are coming back to the Micro Arena once again on July 16th for JFC 3: No Limits! We have 8 fights scheduled with guaranteed dramatic finishes along with some highly probable upsets in the making. No Limits is the perfect name as 16 square off to total domination in hopes to move one one step closer to the prized JFC Titles that all remain vacant.

Eza “Teerminator” Nahka (2-0) Vs. “Godzilla Killa” Soy Jon Bon Kim
- In the main event we have Eza Nahka the #1 Heavyweight in the JFC right now taking on a monster of a man in the Tokyo native, Soy Jon Bon Kim! Sure Eza comes in with a 2-0 record but he has yet to face anyone the size of Jon Bon Kim. The "Godzilla Killa" will have a 42 pound weight advantage and is a towering 7'5 compared to Nahka's 6'3 frame! The experience in definitely in favor of Nahka but can that be enough against the JFC Giant, Soy Jon Bon Kim!?! This will be a true test for the #1 ranked heavyweight in the JFC.

Justin Sane (0-1) Vs. “Rallarsving” Sauli Heilimo (2-0)
- Justin Sane is the biggest underdog on the card as he puts his 0-1 record up against the #1 ranked Welterweight, Sauli Heilimo! The 18 year old Heilimo seems to be poised to have a very bright future in MMA as he already holds two solid submission victories. The real story behind this fight is that, it has already happened once! That's right, these two locked it up in the QFC before stepping foot in the JFC. When the JFC signed both fighters Justin Sane stepped up to informed JFC Owner, Harry Harrison, that he wanted an immediate rematch against Heilimo because he believes lightning won't strike twice. In their first fight Heilimo was able to obtain the mount a little before the 3 minute mark in the first round where he rocked Sane and locked in a deadly armbar. The win seemed dominate but Sane believes he has Heilimo's number this time and things will surely be different. So already some animosity between fighters in the JFC.

“Rhino” Ryan Feager (1-0) Vs. Kaleb “Spliff” Forrest (2-1)
- Two highly talked about middleweight prospects get to go toe to toe to show who rightfully deserves a spot in the upper portion of the rankings. Ryan Feager is a feared wrestler who was ranked top 5 in the nation back in high school. College didn't prove to be the best for Feager's wrestling career but after getting his degree Ryan has transitioned into a solid looking MMA fighter. Kaleb Forrest, only one year older, happens to be versed in almost all aspects of the sport, only lacking in Muay Thai skills but that shouldn't be a problem in this fight. Forrest is the favorite coming in with enough wrestling to possibly neutralize Feager, and Forrest posses a threat on the standup and ground game so every way you look at it Forrest should have this one in the bag. One thing that has to hurt Feager's moral is that his manager dumped him into free agency just 4 days before this fight. So without anyone to really be in his corner Feager could be in for a long night, or a short one for that matter!!! Hopefully Ryan will land a manager while on the free agent list, if not, this may be his last fight for the JFC.

Sean “The Dragon” Miller (1-0) Vs. “The Painmaker” Randy Cross (1-0)
- This fight is more personal than it seems. Not only are both fighters putting their undefeated streak on the line, Sean Miller is fighting for his brother in this matchup. Back on June 17th Randy Cross fought Brian Miller, Sean's older brother. It was a 3 round war which in the end saw Cross lift Brian Miller up in a fireman's lift and slam him down onto his neck then proceeded to pound away until the ref jumped in calling a stop to the fight. After the fight it was discovered that Brian Miller had his neck broken in 5 different places and most likely will never step foot inside a cage or ring again. Once Harrison caught wind of this news he immediately scheduled this two to go at it. Sean Miller is fighting for revenge while Randy Cross is fighting just to fight! There surely will be No Limits when it comes to this fight!

Josh Auton (1-2) Vs. Dan “Blastboy” Twardy (0-0)
- Josh Auton is coming off of his first victory via TKO from a cut while Dan Twardy is making his MMA debut. Auton has been around the game for a while now but after suffering back to back losses in May he took time off to just train and get his head on straight. Then he came back in June with a TKO win over Kahn Supernussenbam in the second round. Meanwhile little is known about Twardy besides he is a few years younger than Auton and is a former Amateur Karate Champion. He won some tournaments back in his homeland of Poland but now he has arrived in the fighting capital of the world, Las Vegas, and it is time for him to really show what he is made of.

Checo Cruz (0-1) Vs. PJ “Black Mamba” Lind (1-2)
- The Black Mamba just snapped his 0-2 start with a win over Xander McCoy on June 16th in the QFC. PJ has mediocre standup and currently holds a blue belt in BJJ, but his Muay Thai and wrestling is below par. On the other side of the cage we have the man from Tijuana, Mexico, Checho Cruz! He holds an 0-1 record but his lost came to a very skilled fighter in Sebastian Stelk. Cruz is quite remarkable with his Muay Thai is probably is the best skilled Muay Thai fighter in all of the JFC at this point in time. He severally lacks a ground game and is a horrible wrestler so he will be looking to stay close and keep PJ in the clinch. That could be his only chance to win this fight. It will be a good one but the early betting lines are in favor of PJ Lind.

Li “Arms” Strong (0-1) Vs. Harry “Say what Again Mother” Focker (0-1)
- Two winless fighters looking to score big on this night. Harry Focker's loss came against the JFC's own Nicolai Vladimier back in the QFC before both fighters where signed. While Li Strong suffered a loss to Brian Fensch via head kick KO! Both fighters are in their twenties and still have a ways to go before they reach there prime. No a days with inpatient managers if one of these guys lose they could be terminated from their contract. 0-2 seems to be intolerable for a lot of managers out there. So these guys are fighting for just more then their first MMA victory, they are fighting to keep there jobs! Both of them have a good standup game so we are expecting a slugfest!

Brock “Hands of Steel” Lesnar (1-1) Vs. Thiago “Rushbull” St. Pierre (1-0)
- This was a late addition to the card so even though both fighters are solid it still didn't make the main card. With Brock's size and strength he at first glance is the favorite in this fight. He has respectable boxing and bring in very strong wrestling skills. St Pierre has a respectable Muay Thai game as well as a solid wrestling game so it will be interesting to see where this fight ends up. With both fighters not very versed in BJJ we don't see a submission happening but we have seen stranger things in the past. With both fighters being solid wrestlers this could tend to be a boring fight but St Pierre should look to avoid Lesnar's ground and pound and keep him close with his Muay Thai and take him out that way.

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JFC 3: No Limits Buildup
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