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 Interesting Information

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PostSubject: Interesting Information   Interesting Information Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 6:19 pm

Not really sure who all checks out the forums, but this is from Mike Tycoon himself, and is rather good to know ^_^

Org hype ratings can be made a bit more complex I think - at the moment they do just go from event to event, not jumping to the latest event rating but being sucked in it's general direction.

As for event ratings, they are affected by attendances, fighter ratings (He meant their hype), number of finishes, number of upsets, fighter hype and popularity, production values... I think that's it... maybe a couple of other things too.


Upsets are based on hype - so if the guy with the lower hype wins, that's considered a bit more exciting and gives a small boost.


My bad - fighter ratings meant fighter hype but I already included that. I thought of one other thing that's included - good matchmaking. The more even the fights (in terms of hype/pop), the better attendance you will get, which in turn gives you a better event rating, which in turn gives you better hype.
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Interesting Information
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