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 JFC 3: Recap, Results, & Awards

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JFC 3: Recap, Results, & Awards Empty
PostSubject: JFC 3: Recap, Results, & Awards   JFC 3: Recap, Results, & Awards Icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2009 1:34 am

- JFC 3: No Limits was full of exciting moments and unpredictable outcomes! We had people take yet another step towards gold while others slipped down the ladder but certainly can still rebound as long as they do not give up!

- To start the show off we had two big heavyweights going at it and the outcome wasn't as much surprising as far as the winner goes but by the finish for a heavyweight. The fight started off with Lesnar scoring a takedown but he couldn't keep the pace up and the ref stood them up. Then WHACK! Out of no where St. Pierre caught Lesnar up side the head with a devastating head kick! Lesnar hit the mat and the ref jumped in instantly for the TKO victory for Thiago St. Pierre. The newest member of the JFC roster sent a huge message out to the entire division with a minute and a half victory over a tough competitor.

- In the middleweight division a lot of people weren't really looking forward to a fight between two 0-1 fighters but these two came in and threw down for 15 full minutes without a slow point throughout the fight! Both men showed a lot of heart but Focker really showed his dominance in this fight. No matter where the fight went he controlled Strong. In the end the judges rendered a unanimous decision in favor of Harry Focker who earned himself a spot on Junkie Ultimate Fighter Season One. He will be joining Team Makya Tap Out for a chance to win the JFC Middleweight Championship.

- PJ Lind Vs. Checo Cruz was so one sided it almost didn't seem right. Lind took Cruz down all 9 total times! Count that! 9 total times!!! On the ground Cruz seemed to be more comfortable but PJ still took all 3 round from the judges earning him a convincing victory over Cruz tonight.

- New comer Dan Twardy really had a lot to prove as well as Josh Auton who was looking to rebound from his 1-2 record. But I think Josh as well as all of the fans underestimated the power of Dan Twardy who packs a sick punch for such a small guy. These two guys fought two long and nitty gritty rounds which saw Josh Auton dominate round one but when round two came along Dan took Auton down and improved into a full mount position which proved a LOT of trouble for Auton who was knocked out ice cold from a thunderous right hand from Dan Twardy! Dan was more than pumped up from his knockout victory which would go down to land him the Knockout of the Night Award. Both men also claimed the Fight of the Night Award when it was all said and done. We don't think you have seen the last of Dan Twardy!

- This very personal feud between Randy Cross and Sean Miller would be settled tonight. Miller was looking to avenge his brothers loss and injury as well as bring honor back to his name. Randy Cross came to the cage just looking to fight and prove that he is without a doubt the best welterweight in the JFC. It took a little under 3 minutes to prove Cross was right! The crowd was electric and these two lived up to the hype and landed a 94% fight rating but Cross got ahold of Miller's arm and locked in the Americana! Miller was screaming in pain but he WOULD NOT TAP! The ref decided it was over and jumped in to end the fight before any damage was done to the arm of Miller. Miller didn't argue the refs decision but that makes Randy Cross 2-0 in his career and 2-0 against the Miller family! Randy earned himself a well earned spot on the Junkie Ultimate Fighter Season One after this win.

- With Ryan Feager's manager abandoning him before the fight his head was really a mess and it kinda showed tonight. Both fighters wanted to battle it out in a ground game and that is exactly what they did for 15 straight minutes. Forrest really proved to be too much for a distracted Feager. Forrest earned all 3 judges nods while moving him into the JUF House for this upcoming season.

- In their rematch Justin Sane and Suli Heilimo left it all in the ring for the fans. Unfortunately for Heilimo he left way too much blood in the ring that the doctor could handle. In the first round a little before 3 minutes Sane landed a sick elbow that cut Heilimo right above his left eye! The cut was really big right to begin with and after several more minutes of ground and pound the ref stopped the fight so the doctor could check Heilimo's cut. After looking at it he was forced to call and end to the bout which enraged Heilimo who was arguing with the ref. It was a bitter win for Sane but a win it was and he had to be proud of his revenge! Not the rematch Heilimo was looking for and you can almost bet that one day in the future they will meet back up for a rubber match.

- The main event featured the David Vs. Goliath feel as a small Heavyweight, Eza Nahka took on a giant of a man, Soy Jon Bon Kim! Eza entered the cage more than ready even though he was severally outmatched in weight and height. The fight started with Nahka taking the big man down with a takedown to side control. Nahka then spammed submission attempt after submission attempt until the ref stood them up. Nahka took Jon Bon Kim back down to the mat and started working away for submissions again! Late in the first round Kim couldn't hold a determined Nahka off forever and finally got caught in an armbar and was forced to tap out right away! Eza Nahka earned tons of respect from the crowd for his outmatched victory here tonight and even though he is a smaller heavyweight he plans to be a top contender in the JFC.

- So there it was 3 shows down and 3 main events ending in the first round! Another sold out event for the JFC with JFC 4 right around the corner moving to a new venue we hope for another sell out and exciting show for the fans!

Thiago St. Pierre defeated Brock Lesnar via TKO in 1:30 of Round 1 (40%)
Harry Focker defeated Li Strong via Unanimous Decision in 5:00 of Round 3 (95%)
PJ Lind defeated Checo Cruz via Unanimous Decision in 5:00 of Round 3 (69%)
Dan Twardy defeated Josh Auton via Knockout in 2:44 of Round 2 (100%)
Randy Cross defeated Sean Miller via Submission (Americana) in 2:52 of Round 1 (94%)
Kaleb Forrest defeated Ryan Feager via Unanimous Decision in 5:00 of Round 3 (71%)
Justin Sane defeated Sauli Heilimo via TKO (Cut) in 3:23 of Round 1 (76%)
Eza Nahka defeated Soy Jon Bon Kim via Submission (Armbar) in 4:24 of Round 1 (43%)

Fight of the Night:
Josh Auton Vs. Dan “Blastboy” Twardy - 100% Fight Rating

Knockout of the Night:
Dan Twardy - 2:44 2nd Round KO (Strikes) over Josh Auton

Submission of the Night:
Randy Cross - 2:52 Americana Victory over Sean Miller
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JFC 3: Recap, Results, & Awards
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