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 JUF Season One - Fighters Arrive

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JUF Season One - Fighters Arrive Empty
PostSubject: JUF Season One - Fighters Arrive   JUF Season One - Fighters Arrive Icon_minitimeThu Jul 23, 2009 2:05 am

JUF Season One - Fighters Arrive JFCBanner

Location: JUF House – Las Vegas, NV
July 23rd, 2009

JUF Season One - Fighters Arrive Jufhouse1

(4 Vans come pulling up with a "Junkie Ultimate Fighter" design on the sides of them as the camera pans out to show a huge mansion-like house. The vans come to a stop and the 16 fighters climb from the vans pulling out their luggage's and carry them through the huge wooden front door. As the fighters file in JFC Owner Harry Harrison is waiting for them with a huge smile on his face)

Harry: Welcome gentleman! I hope everyone enjoyed their flights because over the next couple of months you all will have little to enjoy. We are going to be pushing each and everyone of you guys to see just who is the best fighter in each weight class. For our first season we are having Welterweights and Middleweights squaring off, I for one am excited and I can tell you all are as well so lets get things official.

(The fighters looked primed and ready to go)

Harry: Guys this is a once and lifetime opportunity, no other organization is going to be able to pull out a show like this one. You are the first 16 guys to do this. You will be fighting on the JFC cards with the other non-JUF fighters and they are going to be jealous, no lie. They may end up hating you by the time this is all said and done because while they are out there busting their asses just like you, you will be getting all the TV time. You 16 will be known around the MMATycoon world, so don't screw this up for yourselves got it?

Fighters: YEAH!

Harry: Episode One of JUF will be airing the first week of August, not far away so you better get your asses in gear and get training. Fighters will be selected at random to represent their teams to take on a member of the opposing team. With the fights not being very far away I will drop the announcement of the first two fights! Team Makya Tap Out please move to my left and Team Latent Hostility please come over here to my right.

(The fighters divide up as Harry orders)

Harry: Okay, first up for Team Makya Tap Out we have Mike "Stone hands" Hollywood!!!

(The other fighters clap as Mike drops his bags and steps forward for his team)

Harry: And his opponent in Welterweight competition, JFC newcomer and Team Latent Hostility member, Calros "Serpent" Vasquez!

(Calros steps forward and both men pose face to face squaring off as everyone cheers for their fighter)

Harry: Alright guys thanks, next we have the main event for the night on August 6th, the first Middleweight fight on the show. We have for Team Makya Tap Out, Steven "The Saint" Bishop! Currently JFC's top Middleweight! That is a lot of pressure to keep that top spot, good luck my man.

(Steven steps forward with smirk on his face)

Harry: And representing Team Latent Hostility..... none other than Samuele "The Eagle" Oren!

(Samuele jumps out of the group and jumps right in Steven's face looking way too energetic. Samuele looks like he is trying to get Steven to break out and laugh while they are posing by making funny faces. Samuele then reaches out and licks Steven's nose. Steven jerks back and shoves Samuele straight to the ground as his team members rush forward to pull him back!)

Steven: What the $%#@ do you think this is? A comedy act? I'm not here to play games! I am here to beat everyone in this houses ass and go home with a big pay check and a title belt around my waist! Grow the $%#@ up and stay the hell away from me.

(Samuele just lays on the ground chuckling to himself as Steven walks back over to his things and collects his bags following his team into the JUF House)

Harry: Well, despite some early confrontation we have selected our first two fights for Episode One! It will be airing live August 6th at Paddy O'Malleys Bar so be there to witness the first episode of history!

First Elimination Fights Announced:
JUF Episode One - August 6th, 2009

Middleweight Fight:
Team Makya Tap Out's Steven "The Saint" Bishop Vs. Team Latent Hostility's Samuele "The Eagle" Oren

Welterweight Fight:
Team Latent Hostility's Calros "Serpent" Vasquez Vs. Team Makya Tap Out's Mike "Stone hands" Hollywood
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JUF Season One - Fighters Arrive
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