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 Yallen - Team Oriented

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PostSubject: Yallen - Team Oriented   Yallen - Team Oriented Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 10:29 am

The show begins within a steamy room. The camera pans to the left as two men are finally revealed. Resting atop a wooden bench, both fighters bear serious expressions as they rest within the houses sauna. One of the two fighters, Vasquez, was just recently informed he would have his fight on one of the very first episodes of JUF.

As the two continue to rest, each would have their head back, staring towards the ceiling as the show’s commentator can be heard speaking, “Here we have Yallen and Vasquez, while Yallen still has no clue who his first opponent will be, he clearly wants to get his hands on Randy Cross, for in an interview before he came to the house, that was one of the names mentioned against him. On the other side, Vasquez has not being handed any restraints. For the very first episode that will hold fighting, he is set to go head to head against Mike Hollywood, an all around stand up fighter who ranks in the top 15 in all of JFC. Did I mention Hollywood is also undefeated?”

As the commentator’s voice dies down, the camera wood zoom in as Yallen prepares to speak.
“Alright Vasquez, we’re a team right?” Yallen mutters in a calm tone, “So I’ll say what I can, though it is up to you on how you take the advice. Looking over Mike’s first matchup, he didn’t defend a single takedown. Not a single one was he able to avoid, and the person he went up against was by no means a well rounded wrestler. I won’t lie to you, if you don’t get him down, you lose. It’s that easy. From how far away this fight is, training your standup wont help. You just can’t get it good enough in time; you need to work on your ability to get the fight to the ground. It took you three attempts to get the opponent to the ground in your fight, but once it is there, Mike won’t be able to do a thing to you. But beware, his knees are no push over either, if he hits that when you’re going in it could be lights out. That is why you need to work on your takedown game. In fact, that is my specialty. So guess what partner, we’re going to be spending a lot of time outside of here. Just to make sure you can pull this win off.”

With a grin, Yallen peers towards Carlos’ face, determined to get their team the win. Zooming out, the camera would fade as the rest of the show shall continue.
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Yallen - Team Oriented
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