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 JFC 5: Uncharted Territory Buildup

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JFC 5: Uncharted Territory Buildup Empty
PostSubject: JFC 5: Uncharted Territory Buildup   JFC 5: Uncharted Territory Buildup Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 2:08 am

Alexander “The Great” Ahleby (1-1) Vs. Gib “Gibby” Nudger (1-1)
Alright! For the first fight this evening we have Alexander “The Great” Ahleby going against Gib “Gibby” Nudger. Both contenders have a one and one record. The winner of this will give their opponent a losing record. Neither fighter wants this and will make them fight even harder. When Gibby was asked about his thoughts in his fight he had this to say, “I think I have a good chance to win the fight... Last fight I overestimated my ground skills and it ended badly but now I am not going to do that. But we'll see... Ahleby seems to be a decent all round fighter and the fight is going to be tough.” It is true that in Gib’s last fight he was forced to quit in the first round only thirteen seconds before the round was over. Only if he could have lasted a little longer he might have had another win on his hands and still be undefeated. On the other side of these two contenders Alex had nothing to say. In his first fight he won five seconds into the second round. Things turned for the worst in his second fight as he not only lost but didn’t even last a minute before he tapped out from a Kimura. How things will turn out between these two is unknown, but I’m sure it will be a great fight.

Jonathan “The Barncat” Wiley (1-2) Vs. Justin Sane (1-1)
In this fight the, one and two, Barncat “Jonathan Wiley” is fighting Justin Sane whose record is one and one. Justin Sane wasn’t so lucky his first fight where he was tapped out, but he returned in his second causing his opponent to lose due to losing so much blood he had to throw the fight. Jonathan had won his first fight forcing his challenger to tap out from the cause of a Rear Naked Choke. After that he lost two fights in a row both in the first round, one even ending in only ten seconds. Justin Sane wants to keep his record from being a losing by causing “The Barncat” to have a three loss losing streak. If Jonathan wants to get rid of his losing record he will have to fight hard to take out his tough opponent. It proves that Justin is pretty confident in this fight by what he had to say, “Of course I always feel like I can win...If you don't think that you shouldn't be a fighter. I'm coming off of a big TKO win and I've been training hard since then. So, I'd say Wiley's going to face the same ending that Sauli did in the last fight.” His opponent had nothing to say on the matter, but we’ll see how far Sane’s confidence will take him in his upcoming fight.

Kostas “TK” Tsioutas (0-0) Vs. David “Country Boy” Harrison (1-0)
In this next fight we have Kostas “TK” Tsioutas having his Debut going against the so far undefeated David “Country Boy” Harrison. These fighters will be fighting their hearts out as each doesn’t want to have their first loss on their record. David was able to finish his last fight with a knee as soon as the third round started. By looking at some training clips of TK it looks like he might not be able to be taken out the same way. When David was asked what he thought about his upcoming fight he replied with this, “Well...I will say I have been training my ass off. My standup game is working well and I've learned a few new submissions. I am willing to keep this fight on the feet or on the ground. It doesn't make a difference to me. From the looks of things...Tsioutas can't do either! I would be surprised if this fight goes 2 rounds. I will have another "W" come July 31st.” It’s obvious that David doesn’t have the same opinion that I gave earlier. Neither of us truly knows but we will find out in this upcoming fight that I believe has fight of the night potential.

Robbie Law (0-2) Vs. Kouta “The Manager” Hiro (0-0)
In the fourth fight of the night we have “The Manager” Kouta Hiro going against the Robbie Law who hasn’t had a taste of Victory yet. Each man will be going in this looking to give his opponent his first loss on their record. Robbie Law lost both of his fights in the first round once by TKO and the other by Submission via armbar. We asked Kouta about his upcoming fight and he laughed before saying, “My opponent lost both of his fights. Not only did he lose both in the first round but, one on the ground and the other while standing up. All I have to do is get him in the clinch and he’ll be done for.” Kouta sounds pretty confident before the fight, but we’ll see how confident in his fighting skills he is after the fight.

Sampson “Mutt” Kesler (0-7) Vs. Timothy “Too Sweet” Jordan (0-0)
In the fifth fight we have yet another fight where a debutante will be facing a man with a losing record. In this fight the man making his Debut is going up against someone with a great amount of losses. Timothy will be trying to get his first win while Sampson Kesler will be trying to get his first win out of eight fights. “well we are both waiting to win our first fight but he is also waiting to lose his first fight so with that said it should be a good fight I have more in ring exp and hopefully that may give me an edge against his wrestling skills but in the end no matter the outcome he will get a hand shake”, is what Sampson Kesler had to say about his upcoming fight. We will have to see whether skill or experience will be the winning factor in this fight.

Alaska Brown (0-0) Vs. Johan “The Suede Swede” Blick (3-0)
In this fight we have a sort of a switch up from our two previous fights. We have another Debutante, but this time he is going against a guy with a winning record. Johan is on a three win but what could be to Alaska’s luck it’s taking him longer to win his fights. In his last fight it took Blick all three rounds to finally make his opponent tap out. When interviewing these two fighters Johan Blick had this to say, “Have you even looked at my record? I have 3 wins! ALL by submission, so naturally I believe I'm going to win my fight against Alaska Brown by KNOCK OUT!! Because, I don't have one of those victories yet. But if a K-O don't work then you can bet your life I have Alaska Brown tapping out for his life...Alaska Brown only has a punchers chance against me, which in his case is NO chance!!! Have a nice day!” Johan Blick seems to have Victory set in his mind. It would be safe to say things aren’t looking so good for Alaska Brown. Johan has both an experience advantage over Alaska, but also what seems to be a skill advantage. We’ll see this outcome tonight.

Kari “Talkkari” Taalasmaa (2-0) Vs. Chris “Handgun” Holt (2-1)
In this next fight we have the undefeated with two fights “Kari Taalasmaa” fighting Chris Holt whose record is two and one. They both go into the fight neither having ever been knocked out once. Each has had wins by means of knock outs but will they be able to knock each other out, or will it have to go to decision like Chris Holt’s last fight had to? Kari had this to say about his fight against Chris Holt, “Well I think there is no chance that Chris can beat me standing or on the ground. There is just no chance that will happen. I will outwrestle Chris, slam him on the ground and do some ground and pound and that's it. He will be out cold. “Kari seems to be very confident that his wins will continue with more knockouts. Chris Holt didn’t reply so he might be so scared he’s speechless or he wants us to wait till the fight to show us what he can do.

Piotrek “Bur” Fabianski (3-1) Vs. John “The Machine” Lorenze (3-1)
This next fight has Piotrek Fabianski going against John Lorenze who has the exact same record. Piotrek hasn’t been able to finish a fight so far. All of his wins had to go to decision where the judge had to decide who was better. He lost his only fight due to bleeding so badly that he had to throw in the towel. John on the other hand won two of his fights by knocking the opponent out. Piotrek might have his hands full in this fight since he has been brought down because of punches. John has lost by means of TKO, but Piotrek doesn’t seem too lucky with the standup game. Piotrek had this to say about the fight, “Well, Lorenz likes to lay on his opponents; he's not going to get that chance this time. I’m planning on laying him out all over the floor and get that check baby! Of course there’s always a risk of him beating me, but I just don’t see it. Lorenz will be in a world of pain come the 31st. I can’t wait.” Piotrek seems to be confident about this fight, but will he actually lay his opponent out or will it end with another decision? We’ll have to wait ‘til later tonight to find out.

KJ “Kryptonite” Kesler (2-0) Vs. Javian “The Bird of Prey” Westmoreland (2-1)
For the Main event we have KJ “Kryptonite” Kelser going up against Javian “The Bird of Prey” Westmoreland. They are going up for the number one contender spot. Neither man has been knocked out. Javian had his only loss by submission. Javian has won his fights both standing up and on the ground. To me it seems like he will have his win as long as he keeps the game standing up. KJ had this to say about his opponent, “I have been training hard for this fight I am not over looking Javian at all I respect him but he is standing in the way of my 3-0 start and I am going to throw everything I have at him I want to hold my top spot in the org so he better bring the A game it will be a slobber knocker for sure and when the fight is over you will know who comes out on top best of luck Javian see ya in the cage” Showing respect for opponent he is going to try his best for that number one spot. Javian in return said this, “well I have nothing but respect for any and all fighters especially kj kesler since he is the no. 1 fighter in the org. but I do believe I have a shot at winning and I expect this to be the fight of the night thank you for the interview” Each fighter shows great respect but they still need to fight their hearts out to get their shot at the belt. Will we see one of those two fighters get knocked out at the end of the night? Will we see another submission? Which one of these fighters will make it to a championship fight? All of these answers will be told at the end of this fight.

(Sorry if the writing got worse... I kind of did this last minute and had to get to bed before hard labour.)
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JFC 5: Uncharted Territory Buildup Empty
PostSubject: Re: JFC 5: Uncharted Territory Buildup   JFC 5: Uncharted Territory Buildup Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 1:33 pm

Thank you for stepping in and getting the buildup done while I was busy with JUF business. Good read. Good job.

I have pasted it in the official JFC News on the MMATycoon site.
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JFC 5: Uncharted Territory Buildup
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