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 JFC: JUF Ep. 1 Buildup

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JFC: JUF Ep. 1 Buildup Empty
PostSubject: JFC: JUF Ep. 1 Buildup   JFC: JUF Ep. 1 Buildup Icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 12:15 am

- After breaking several records at JFC 5: Uncharted Territory the JFC is going to be making more company history when the Season Premier of Junkie Ultimate Fighter takes place this Thursday! We have two huge JUF elimination fights as well as a number one contender fight for the JFC Heavyweight Title. All that plus many more great fights! Here is a quick rundown of the event!

JFC: JUF Ep. 1 Buildup JUF1MAIN

***JUF Elimination Fight***
Team Latent Hostility's Samuele “The Eagle” Oren (1-1) Vs. Team Makya Tap Out's Steven “The Saint” Bishop (3-0)
- Team Makya Tap Out's Steven Bishop is coming in the big favorite here. Steven is currently the #1 ranked Middleweight in the JFC and is sporting a perfect record. Steven has settled into the JFC nicely with a 52 second Kimura victory over Alexander Ahleby in his JFC debut. Steven currently holds a purple belt in BJJ and all 3 of his victories come by way of submission. Oren holds a victory over Latent Hostility teammate Gib Nudger already in the JFC and also holds a purple belt in BJJ. Neither fight has been out of the first round yet in their short careers and this match up proves to be fireworks in the making! Oren is one of the big sleepers this season but his skill will be put to the test right away against one of the favorites to win the entire show in Steven Bishop!

***JUF Elimination Fight***
Team Makya Tap Out's Mike "Stone hands" Hollywood (2-0) Vs. Team Latent Hostility's Calros "Serpent" Vasquez (1-0)
- Yallen Silver and Calros Vasquez, two JFC newcomers, got together inside the JUF mansion to discuss things about this upcoming fight. Yallen seemed to calm Vasquez down but Mike Hollywood is coming into this fight with more wins than but Yallen and Vasquez have combined. It will be interesting to see if Latent Hostility's gameplan will work out just as the newbies have worked on. Mike Hollywood's gameplan is still unknown but you have to believe his dangerous KO ability is going to be on the back of Vasquez's mind. Yallen was perhaps correct, if Vasquez don't get Hollywood to the mat, it might be lights out for him.

***JFC Heavyweight #1 Contender Fight***
Thiago “Rushbull” St. Pierre (2-0) Vs. Eza “Teerminator” Nahka (3-0)
- JFC's #1 and #2 Heavyweights are going to battle it out to determine the first number one contender for the Heavyweight Title. The winner is going straight to the main event at an upcoming show to fight for the gold but this fight is seriously up for grabs. Nahka is coming straight off of the destruction of the JFC Giant, Soy Jon Bon Kim while Thiago St. Pierre is walking into this fight fresh off the win against Brock Lesnar! Once again there will be a big size disadvantage for Nahka but that hasn't stopped him yet. St. Pierre relies on his respectable Muay Thai skills and his competent wrestling ability. St. Pierre will without a doubt try to take Nahka down and try to ground and pound him but he will have to watch out for Nahka's slick submissions. Nahka is 3-0 with 3 armbar victories so as long as St. Pierre can use his size advantage to smother Nahka and keep his arms out of danger he might just make it out of this one the victor! But don't count out the loveable underdog just yet!

Pekka “Peksi-Boy” Soikkeli (3-0) Vs. Money “Dollar” Machine (1-0)
- This is going to be a huge fight for the light heavyweight rankings. The winner could potentially be launched right into the title picture! "Peksi-Boy" Soikkeli is a submission expert who is one of the deadliest fighters on the ground in the entire JFC! If anyone is going to argue that comment it is one of the newest members of the JFC roster, Money Machine! After seeing highlights of his first fight in the QFC Harry Harrison sent this man an offer. Machine put up a very impressive 25 second Kimura submission victory over Kjell Dillon. This fight has the potential to steal the show from the other 3 high profile fights proceeding it. "Peksi-Boy" Soikkeli is quickly becoming a fan favorite, maybe it is the fact that he is from Finland or maybe it is the fact that is an absolute beast!

Matt “Red Nose” Casey (2-0) Vs. Jamison “Black Adder” Aleksy (1-0)
- Matt Casey's manager and JFC owner Harry Harrison shared some harsh words a few days after the signing of heavyweight Matt Casey. Casey's manager said they he found a better deal for Casey which involved a title shot and demanded him to release him from his contract. Harry wanted the big signing bonus back that he offered Casey but wouldn't give the bonus back so Harry informed that Casey would fight for his promotion! Casey is without a doubt a top notch fighter but Harrison wasn't going to lay down for anyone and be robbed of hundreds of dollars. So Harrison called for Jamison Aleksy to introduce Matt Casey to the JFC! These two undefeated fighters are going to throw down, we will see if Aleksy can hold up on his end of the deal and put Casey in his place or will Matt Casey prove that he deserves a title shot and run through his competition.

“Don” Carlo Fuschini (0-1) Vs. Tom “Hasa” Ace (0-0)
- 0-1 Carlo Fuschini was given three different opponents before one finally didn't go inactive! Tom Ace who is debuting got the call to take on the well rounded Italian. Tom Ace brings in a lot of unknowns to the table but after watching some footage form his amateur days he looks to be just as well rounded. He is a mediocre boxer and holds a blue belt in BJJ. He does lack in the muay thai and wrestling department though. Regardless, Fuschini is just glad he finally landed an opponent this close to the deadline of the event.

Brock “Hands of Steel” Lesnar (1-2) Vs. Kevin “The Punisher” White (1-1)
- To open the show we have two fighters that almost mirror each other. Lesnar is a year older than White so he holds a little more experience but both fighters are very good in the striking game as well as the wrestling game. Brock has the best wrestling in the JFC and imagine that, Kevin White has the second best! This could turn out to be a very technical wrestling match, not always the most popular for the average fans but all the hardcore fans out there should love it! Brock is looking to snap a 2 fight losing streak while Kevin is coming off of his first loss. Who will be able to rebound and who will be sent farther back down the Heavyweight ladder!

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JFC: JUF Ep. 1 Buildup
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