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 JFC Heavyweight Title on the Line

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JFC Heavyweight Title on the Line Empty
PostSubject: JFC Heavyweight Title on the Line   JFC Heavyweight Title on the Line Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2009 3:20 am

JFC Heavyweight Title on the Line JFCBanner

Location: JFC Headquarters – Sacramento, CA
August 9th, 2009

JFC Heavyweight Title on the Line JFCHW
Eza Nahka (4-0) Vs. Matt Casey (3-0)

- That's right, Harry Harrison doubted Matt Casey and put one of his best Heavyweights, Jamison Aleksy, in his path to stop him and his "I'm better than the JFC" attitude. Casey made Harry eat his worlds and walked away from Junkie Ultimate Fighter with two awards, Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night. So he is sporting a 3-0 record now and looks primed to make a run at the title.

- Eza Nahka who is now 4-0 has sat down two big guys in a row. It is no secret that Eza is one of the smallest Heavyweights in the division but yet he finds himself on top of the rankings! Eza is the #1 heavyweight and he is ranked #3 in the company! He has everything working perfectly for him right now but now he will be given yet another test when he steps foot in the cage with a another submission fighter!?!

- It is important to note that all 7 fights between both men are submission victories! Eza holds 3 armbars and a triangle to his resume while Casey has changed it up with an armbar, Triangle, and a Rear Nake Choke. Both fighters are 22 years old and have a blue belt in BJJ! Eza has a slight edge in the boxing territory while Matt has a somewhat greater advantage in the Muay Thai department!

- Eza will have the height and reach advantage which has hasn't had lately but the weight advantage will be significant. Matt Casey will have about a 50 pound weight advantage. Again it won't be the first time and if he can pull it off he will go down in history as the first ever JFC Heavyweight Champion. Then again, if Casey can prove Harry and the world wrong again, he could claim the first ever JFC Heavyweight Title, and there is no telling how he would treat it!

- One thing is for sure..... the JFC will be in for a treat come August 16th at JFC 6: Great Divide where these two will meet.

*Note the fight hasn't been conformed by both fighters as of this news posting. We here at the JFC are still waiting for Matt Casey to accept the fight*
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JFC Heavyweight Title on the Line
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