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 JUF Season One - Latent Hostility Sweeps!

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JUF Season One - Latent Hostility Sweeps! Empty
PostSubject: JUF Season One - Latent Hostility Sweeps!   JUF Season One - Latent Hostility Sweeps! Icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2009 1:10 am

JUF Season One - Latent Hostility Sweeps! JFCBanner

Location: JUF House – Las Vegas, NV
August 16th, 2009

JUF Season One - Latent Hostility Sweeps! Jufhouse1

(The scene fades in to the sound of guys cheering and screaming. The camera then pans into the JUF huge living room where Team Latent Hostility is watching the replay from Episode Two where Yallen Silver just rocked Randy Cross!)

Johan: Look at that mount! Beautiful baby!!!

(The fighters then go nuts as Yallen pounds out a very impressive TKO victory!)

David: And them people thought he was the favorite!?! HAHA!!! You a a beast man! You other guys better watch out, I am glad I don't have to fight him at any point!

(Then suddenly a door is heard slamming and everyone turns their attention to Harry Harrison who just walked in the front door with a folder in his hand)


(The guys looked surprised and are confused why Harry is so tempered. Team Makya Tap Out all come down to the living room and everyone gathers around to see what the boss has to say)

Harry: Is everyone here?

(The fighters look around and everyone appears to be there)

Harry: Now look, I told you all this was going to be the opportunity of a lifetime! A chance be crowned the first every champion in your weight class and be granted a 4-digit contract!!! I also told you that we run random drug tests around here.....

(The guys look around again)

Harry: And I'll be damned if one of you didn't pop positive on this last test!

(Harry is holding the folder up in front of him)

Harry: I wasn't lying, and one of you is going home. I can't believe you would go and pull something this stupid! I think you know what you did cause I can see the look in your eyes right now! Isn't that right John!

(Harry throws the folder and paperwork at Team Latent Hosility's Welterweight, John Lorenz!!!)

Harry: Now go up to your room and get your shit out of this house because you are off the show and we have a replacement already here and waiting outside to take your spot.

John: Are you kidding me!?! No one can replace me!

Harry: You listen to me boy! You replacement doesn't hold a 3-1 record, hell he doesn't even hold a winning record but one thing is for sure, he is a real fighter! He comes to the cage and lays his heart on the line every single fight. Obviously you don't care about this once in a lifetime chance and you don't care about your career! So get out of this house!!!

(John storms off upstage and Harry calls for the replacement. The front door opens and all the other fighters attentions are turned toward the newest JUF contestant)

Harry: Guys, welcome the newest member to Latent Hostility, GLK "Dog" Ino!

(GLK comes walking into the house carrying his bags and his teammates don't look overly excited)

Harry: GLK is 2-4 but don't let that record fool you, he has one of the biggest hearts at 170 right now. This guy has agreed to step up and fight in John's spot against Sauli Heilimo in less than a week away, now THAT is a fighter! Congrats GLK and good luck.

(Sauli stands up and walks over to shake GLK's hand wishing him the best of luck)

Harry: And of course we also have you two hot headed guys going at it this Thursday.

(Harry grins at Gib and Harry)

Harry: Good luck everyone and sorry to break up any training but drug abuse is certain not tolerated in the JFC! John will have his face removed from any JUF posters since he never even fought and GLK will replace him. John blew it guys, and I suggest you all use this as an example. Good luck guys!

(Harry collects the scattered paperwork and makes his way out the front of the JUF door as all of the fighters welcome GLK into the house)

Third Elimination Fights Announced:
JUF Episode Three - August 20th, 2009

Welterweight Fight:
Team Makya Tap Out's "Rallarsving" Sauli Heilimo Vs. Team Latent Hostility's GLK "Dog" Ino

Middleweight Fight:
Team Latent Hostility's Gib "Gibby" Nudger Vs. Team Makya Tap Out's Harry "Say What Again Mother" Focker
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JUF Season One - Latent Hostility Sweeps!
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