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 JFC: JUF Ep. 3 Buildup

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JFC: JUF Ep. 3 Buildup Empty
PostSubject: JFC: JUF Ep. 3 Buildup   JFC: JUF Ep. 3 Buildup Icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2009 6:11 pm

- After a mindblowing announcement by Harry Harrison Team Latent Hostility member John Lorenz was kicked out of the house and the competition due to failing a drug test! His status with the JFC remains unknown but one thing that is for sure, we have two guaranteed slugfests to take place this Thursday!

JFC: JUF Ep. 3 Buildup JUF1MAIN

***JUF Elimination Fight***
Team Latent Hostility's GLK “Dog” Ino (2-4) Vs. Team Makya Tap Out's “Rallarsving” Sauli Heilimo (2-1)
- John was sent packing and Harry Harrison was not happy at all about John failing the drug test. So he called in a severe underdog, GLK Ino! Ino is -650 in the betting lines going in against a very talented Sauli Heilimo who was the top ranked fighter in the JFC when it opened its doors back in June. Now Heilimo will be trying to climb back up the JFC ranks as well as earn his right to stay in the JUF house. Only one man can throw him off of his track, the possible upset win from GLK Ino would do it!

***JUF Elimination Fight***
Team Makya Tap Out's Harry “Say what Again Mother” Focker (1-1) Vs. Team Latent Hostility's Gib “Gibby” Nudger (2-1)
- The records don't hype this match up, the interaction between both of these men two weeks ago does. Gib was set to take on Makya Tap Out's Nicolai Vladimier this show but after Gib and Harry went to blows in the house Gib asked Mr. Harrison to set this fight up so one of them would be kicked out of the house. Harrison accepted the challenge from Gib and now Harry and Gib will finally get to settle everything in the cage this Thursday. One hot head against another, anything in the world can happen so don't look away or you might miss a piece of history in what could turn out to be one of the bloodiest brawls in JFC history! We caught up with Gib Nudger whose only comment on this fight was "I'm gonna knock that bitch out!!!"

Justin Vincible (2-0) Vs. Kari “Talkkari” Taalasmaa (3-0)
- Vincible Vs. Taalasmaa is a very interesting matchup and could of been the mainevent if it wasn't for the JUF series taking place. Both of these fighters are near the top of the 205 division and the winner of this is most likely going to be getting a shot at KJ Kesler for the Light Heavyweight Championship. Kesler has already earned his title shot and the JFC hopes to hold the title match on August 30th at the end of this month. The question is will the winner of this fight be able to recover in 2 weeks!?! We hope so but it is unlikely. Given these twos background, Taalasmaa has explosive KO power and Vincible is also just as dangerous on his feet. Both guys are undefeated thusfar in their careers but someone's O has got to go! Both of them have already won a Knockout of the Night Award so we could be in for a big treat when these two step into the cage on the 20th!

Brock “Hands of Steel” Lesnar (1-3) Vs. Robbie Law (1-2)
- Both fighters haven't got off to a great start in their careers but this is the fight that can turn a mans luck around. Robbie Law is coming off of his first victory over Kouta Hiro and has a little more momentum coming into this fight than Lesnar does. Lesnar is currently on a 3 fight skid but it should be noted that his competition has been nothing short of stiff. Robbie Law, though dangerous, isn't as over powering as the fighters Brock has faced in the past. Brock has useless Muay Thai so Robbie will have the advantage there but Brock holds big advantages in the striking and wrestling game. Brock has been about taking his opponents down to the ground and trying to pound out a victory but his lack of BJJ skills has got him caught in plenty of trouble. Law will have the advantage on the ground so it will be interesting to see which route Brock takes, he should have the strength to dictate where this fight ends up.

Kouta “The Manager” Hiro (0-1) Vs. Braddock “Bell” Hemingway (0-2)
- Kouta Hiro is coming off of his debut matchup which he lost by a dominant decision to Robbie Law. Braddock Hemingway also is looking for his first career victory so the good news for these two is someone is getting their first win! It will really come down to who wants it more. Hiro is a Muay Thai fighter who is going to try to clinch with Hemingway to do his damage. If Hiro can't stay in the clinch it could be another long night for him. Hemingway will not be looking to trade blows either and better be looking to avoid the clinch. All of Heminway's skills rely on his ground game, he is a very one dimensional fighter at this point in his career and if Hiro gets close to him it could prove to be disastrous for him!

Samuele “The Eagle” Oren (1-2) Vs. Tom “Hasa” Ace (0-1)
- Samuele Oren finds himself on the 3rd episode of JUF but now removed from the house he is fighting to move up the ranks. Oren was severely disappointed after he was defeated by Steven Bishop on the first episode of JUF and he plans to redeem himself to the JFC this Thursday. Oren isn't the only one who is looking for redemption though, Tom Ace suffered a down right brutal KO from Carlo Fuschini that same show. It was Ace's MMA debut and he has most certainly used the excuse that experience wasn't on his side. He completely ignored the fact that Calro was 0-1 coming into the fight. This fight has redemption wrote all over it! Who will claim it and who will fall back in the rankings?

- There were two more fights that were supposed to be on the card but each fight saw one fighter not sign the contract. It was very disappointing to see and Harry worked hard to try and piece each fight together but it just didn't seem to work out. The shows ratings will probably slip after the fans pay to see 8 fights and only get 6! Hopefully these people stop slacking and sign for their fights in the future we are all trying to grow here!
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JFC: JUF Ep. 3 Buildup
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