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 Greed will only get you so far!!!

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Greed will only get you so far!!! Empty
PostSubject: Greed will only get you so far!!!   Greed will only get you so far!!! Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 7:06 pm

Greed will only get you so far!!! JFCBanner

Location: JFC Headquarters – Sacramento, CA
August 18th, 2009

Greed will only get you so far!!! JFCHW

- Only 2 days after winning the JFC Heavyweight Championship Eza Nahka already has other things on his mind. Harry Harrison approached Nahka about his contract since he only has one fight left. Harry asked Nahka what he would like to do since there were talks of moving down to Light Heavyweight and competing there. Nahka replied to the offer with the following quote....

"Thanks, but I think that Eza is going to test his skills in some bigger organisation"

- First off we notice the poor spelling of the word organization. Secondly we notice how much of a low blow this will be to the JFC. Harrison is a very organized and reformed individual and anyone who disturbs title history don't get on his good side.

- So the bottom line is this, Nahka has one fight left on his contract with the JFC and it will be a JFC Heavyweight Championship fight. If Nahka wins he will be leaving the JFC with the Heavyweight Title. Don't think that the JFC isn't willing to spend money on the champion either. Any JFC champion will be richly rewarded for their efforts and skills. "This decision is a mistake" says Harrison, "Sure you can sell yourself to the highest bidder like the old west but it isn't like the JFC is going anywhere.... we are here to stay and all of these bigger ORGANIZATIONS will be seeing us in the future"

- Harrison also had to add.... "You just don't turn your back on the smaller companies, the small companies are the only place you go when no one else will take you. We put Nahka on the map and he is &$%*ing on us by making this decision. We strongly hope he will change his mind before his final fight".

- So only time will tell what will happen to the JFC's first every champion.
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Greed will only get you so far!!!
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