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 Yallen - Asking a favor

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Yallen - Asking a favor Empty
PostSubject: Yallen - Asking a favor   Yallen - Asking a favor Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 8:46 pm

As the commercial ends, Vasquez and Silver are seen wrestling upon their team’s wrestling mats. The advantage is clearly shown in Yallen’s favor as his slams continue to punish the JuJitsu expert. Though, within a last effort, Calros reveals his expertise in submissions as he pulls Yallen down, trapping an arm and his head, locking a triangle. It didn’t take long until Yallen is forced to tap before both men roll off onto their backs panting heavily.

“So, Vasquez, if Blick wins, then Heilimo is the only Welterweight left to Makya’s name.” Yallen huffs, “It seems the chances of us fighting are up there. Not sure about you, but I’d much rather fight you with us both 2-0, instead of you 3-0 and me still 1-0. Meaning, I really hope I can get the challenge of Heilimo, but really, he has nothing on either of us. I personally don’t see Fabianski beating Blick either, so actually whoever doesn’t fight Heilimo may have to challenge him.”

Rolling over, Vasquez would give a single nod of his head.

“Either way Vasquez, I really want this next fight, and considering we don’t have team captains, I’m wondering if you’ll allow me to get my 2-0 before you jump up to 3-0. So if you have any disagreements to me going against Heilimo, please say so.”
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Yallen - Asking a favor
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