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 JUF Season One - Paging Doctor Phillips

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JUF Season One - Paging Doctor Phillips Empty
PostSubject: JUF Season One - Paging Doctor Phillips   JUF Season One - Paging Doctor Phillips Icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 3:02 pm

JUF Season One - Paging Doctor Phillips JFCBanner

Location: Valley Hospital Medical Center – Las Vegas, NV
August 25th, 2009

JUF Season One - Paging Doctor Phillips Hospital

(The cameras fade in to the ER where several of the JUF fighters are sitting in the waiting room. The only fighters not at the hospital are David Harrison and Johan Blick. They are both at the JFC gym training for their fight in just two days. Calros is stretched out along the chairs sleeping as a doctor emerges from the back)

Dr. Phillips: I'm looking for the group that is here with Nicolai Vladimier.

(The fighters spring up as Yallen wakes Calros up. The fighters follow the doctor to the back)

Dr. Phillips: You friend Nicolai is fine and is in stable condition, he suffered a mild concussion and should get plenty of rest.

Piotrek: I don't know if that is possible doctor, Nicolai is a fighter and actually is due to fight in two days.

(Dr. Phillips stops in front of a patient room door)

Dr. Phillips: Well that just isn't possible.....

(Dr. Phillips opens the door and lets the fighters enter the room. Nicolai is laying in the bed and gives the guys a big smile as they walk in)

Steven: Hey man how are you doing?

Nicolai: Rough....

Yallen: Hey man we talked to the doctor and he gave us the bad news.

Nicolai: What do you mean?

Yallen: He hasn't told you? He said you should get plenty of rest and no fighting anytime soon.

Nicolai: Is he nuts, nothing is going to stop me from breaking that bitches face Thursday!

Steven: Alright calm down bro don't get wound up.

Nicolai: Seriously guys, get Mr. Harrison on the phone and tell him that I will be there this Thursday.

Dr. Phillips: I don't think that that will be a wise decision Mr. Vladimier, in your condition it could be career threatening.

Nicolai: Well if I don't fight it will be more threatening to my career if I don't!

Sauli: I'm sure Harry will understand and give you another chance at some point.

Nicolai: NO! FUCK THAT! I am not getting my dreams crushed because of a drunken redneck!!! I will be in that cage in two days, not one of you can stop me, David Harrison is going to have his face broke, mark my words!

(Nicolai almost has tears in his eyes as he continues to shout)

Fourth Elimination Fights Announced:
JUF Episode Four - August 27th, 2009

Welterweight Fight:
Team Makya Tap Out's Piotrek "Bur" Fabianski Vs. Team Latent Hostility's Johan "The Suede Swede" Blick

Middleweight Fight:
Team Latent Hostility's David "Country Boy" Harrison Vs. Team Makya Tap Out's Nicolai "Subzero" Vladimier
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JUF Season One - Paging Doctor Phillips
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