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 JUF Season One - Scrubs

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PostSubject: JUF Season One - Scrubs   JUF Season One - Scrubs Icon_minitimeMon Aug 31, 2009 7:26 pm

JUF Season One - Scrubs JFCBanner

Location: JUF House – Las Vegas, NV
August 31st, 2009

JUF Season One - Scrubs Jufhouse1

(The scene takes place inside the JUF house where all eight remaining fighters are hanging out in the living room having some drinks and just relaxing)

Yallen: First of all I want to just give a little toast to the most badass dude on the planet! Nicolai!

(Nicolai breaks out a smile as all the guys let him have it)

Steven: Seriously man, there are not many people on this planet that would have stepped in that cage and fought after a concussion like that. Kudos man.

Calros: Yeah, good shit man.

Kaleb: I could be the bad guy and tell you it was all for a wasted effort since it is me and you in the next round but that took a lot of heart man, I hope you show that much come September 10th.

Nicolai: Thanks guys, I just wish I could have like another week to rest. Kaleb you know I am going to bring it brother, and I don't expect you to hold anything back just because of this whole deal.

Gib: With all things being said you know I have to speak my mind and I am just glad we got rid of all the cans in this house. Well I think one more person here doesn't deserve to be....

(Everyone gets quiet as Gib's comment comes out of no where)

Gib: I know it is no secret that David Harrison was the weakest person in the house and Nicolai, good job on your fight but you shouldn't be here bro. I was actually hoping that Harry Harrison would remove you from the show and just kick out David because he was one of the worst fighters on the JFC roster, no clue how he got into this house.

Yallen: Alright Gib, lets just give the man a little bit of credit....

Gib: Why? Give him a high five because he submitted a can in the first round? Nah, I'm good. I'm sick of everyone in this house wanting to give people credit where credit is clearly not due!!!

(Gib jumps up from the couch)

Gib: Nicolai, no offense but you are still not 100% and you should not be in this house or competition anymore! You are just the same as every other scrub on this roster, you have no game! You are as one dimensional as they come and when Kaleb exposes it you are going to be embarrassed in front of the whole world.

Nicolai: Just when I thought we got rid of all the assholes in the house....

Gib: Face it, Team Makya Tap Out is a joke! You only had one Welterweight make it to the next round..... as sad as that is, I get to face your best member this week. Steve you are what 4-0 now? I told you a few weeks ago, Samuele Oren sucks! The fact that it took you 3 minutes to finish him was absolutely sad! Your stand up game is weak and I will show the world that your undefeated record is a mask to hide just how terrible you really are.

Steven: Are you forgetting the fact that Oren beat you?

Gib: I had pneumonia going into that fight! He is garbage, I could destroy him in a heartbeat in a rematch which I plan to have at some point!

Steven: Oh is that so....

Gib: You know what, FUCK YOU MAN! I'LL SEE YOU IN THE CAGE!!!

(Gib throws his Bug Light against the wall shattering it into hundreds of pieces as he storms out of the room)

Fifth Elimination Fights Announced:
JUF Episode Five - September 3rd, 2009

Welterweight Fight:
Team Makya Tap Out's "Rallarsving" Sauli Heilimo Vs. Team Latent Hostility's Calros "Serpent" Vasquez

Middleweight Fight:
Team Latent Hostility's Gib "Gibby" Nudger Vs. Team Makya Tap Out's Steven "The Saint" Bishop
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JUF Season One - Scrubs
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