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 JFC: JUF Ep. 5 Buildup

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JFC: JUF Ep. 5 Buildup Empty
PostSubject: JFC: JUF Ep. 5 Buildup   JFC: JUF Ep. 5 Buildup Icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 3:25 am

- With the first round of the JUF officially in the books 8 men remain and on this night will we see just who will move on to the semi-finals of this competition! Gib Nudger has his mind set on proving that Steve Bishop's record is overrated and that he is the best Middleweight in the JFC. Tonight will be his chance. Welterweights Vasquez and Heilimo also will be competing which could very easily steal the show. Vasquez and Heilimo don't have as much heat built up into their fight but their skills will speak for themselves! This Thursday will prove to be electric!

JFC: JUF Ep. 5 Buildup JUF1MAIN

***JUF Elimination Fight***
Team Latent Hostility's Gib “Gibby” Nudger (3-1) Vs. Team Makya Tap Out's Steven “The Saint” Bishop (4-0)
- Steven Bishop remains the #1 ranked Middleweight in the JFC but don't tell Team Latent Hostility's Gib Nudger that! We witnessed a complete breakdown from Gib Nudger in the house recently which led to him smashing a beer bottle against the wall shattering it into hundreds of pieces. That wasn't the first time Gib lost his cool in the JUF house. Gib and Harry Focker got into a scuffle earlier in the season which led to an all out brawl. Now Gib has turned his sights on Bishop saying that he hasn't fought an opponent worthy of mention. Steven is more than confident in his abilities and told Gib that he would shut him up this Thursday.

***JUF Elimination Fight***
Team Makya Tap Out's “Rallarsving” Sauli Heilimo (3-1) Vs. Team Latent Hostility's Calros “Serpent” Vasquez (2-0)
- Calros Vasquez scored a shocking submission victory over the season favorite Mike Hollywood in the first episode while Sauli Heilimo steamrolled the replacement GLK Ino. Both Vasquez and Heilimo are great submission fighters with all of their combined 5 wins have come by way of submission. These two young prospects have great things to look forward to in their careers but right now the JUF is the biggest thing in their lives and they will be pouring everything into this fight. Yallen and Calros have been hitting up the gym for extra hours working on Calros's takedown and defining his Jiu Jitsu skills. Heilimo might have to look for another method of victory with Vasquez holding a brown belt in BJJ while Heilimo has only earned a blue belt. This fight could be a great technical show which will most likely result in a submission, who will remain in the house and who will be sent packing?

“Banan” Dan Bross (3-0) Vs. Timothy “Too Sweet” Jordan (1-2)
- Dan Bross was set to take on the 3-1 Groyce Racie, but with Racie delaying on his paperwork he was removed from the fight and the youngster Timothy Jordan has stepped up less than a week after his last fight. Jordan said that he didn't like the way his last fight ended with Mario Martini submitting him in the first round. Dan Bross and Timothy Jordan have already fought in the JFC and it went to a decision. Bross dominated the first two rounds and Jordan's determination drove him to win the final round but it wasn't enough to win the decision. Jordan believes he can finish Bross and not leave it up to the judges to decide on the winner. Will Jordan avenge his loss or will Bross be able to prove his worth and remain undefeated in the JFC?

Bodie “Hillbilly” Long (2-2) Vs. “Mr. Flawless” Jake Davids (1-2)
- Bodie Long has cut down in weight and is now in the JFC's Light Heavyweight Division. Jake Davids will be the man to welcome him to a very staked division. Davids is coming off of a decision victory over Johnny Feaver where he looked more than dominant. Davids believes that he has worked out all of his kinks and can actually move forward in his career. The "Hillbilly" looks to make a name for himself after going 2-1 in the Heavyweight Division. Coming off of a loss to Cory Williams at JFC 6, Bodie will be looking for his well-rounded skills to carry him to the victory. If Bodie doesn't watch out for Jake's clinch game it could be a short night.

Bob “Most Wanted” Harth (1-0) Vs. Brock “Hands of Steel” Lesnar (2-3)
- Brock Lesnar set the JFC record for the fastest Knockout with his 5 second TKO over Robbie Law back on JUF Episode 3. Bob Harth is well aware of Lesnar's power and respectable boxing and he said he has a gameplan for the powerhouse. Harth will be making his JFC debut and he will be looking to keep his record perfect and moving on to 2-0. He had a lightning fast Rear Naked Choke submission victory over Chris Fellatio at a QFC event back in July. There are rumors about Harth over training for this fight and that he might come in too tired. Other than that advantage this should be a very interesting match up which will prove to be a striking vs. grappling game.

Tito “H Beach Badass” Ortiz (0-5) Vs. Drake Retso (0-0)
- We are hearing great things about Drake Retso who is a 22 year old wrestler who is also versed in the ground game. Retso does lack in the striking game but his NCAA Division I wrestling background should prove to make him a huge favorite in this fight. Tito Ortiz is a wonderful striker but we have yet to see it! Ortiz holds a 0-5 record and has lost to Bodie Long and the JFC Giant, Soy Jon Bon Kim thus far in the JFC. Ortiz's next challenge will be to stop a very experienced wrestler. Even though Retso is a experienced wrestler we are unsure how well he can take a punch. That will surely be put to the test in this undercard fight.

Tom “Hasa” Ace (0-2) Vs. Steve Simpson (1-0)
- Another fighter will be making his debut on Episode 5, Steve Simpson a 22 year old well rounded prospect. His first test, not the best test, a 0-2 Tom Ace. Ace made his MMA debut back on Episode 1 against Carlo Fuschini and suffered a brutal KO loss. Ace tried to bounce back against Samuele Oren on Episode 3 but suffered a late 3rd round armbar submission. So just like that Ace's career hit a road block at 0-2. Can Ace rebound and prevent his career from getting out of control or will the prospect keep Ace down at the bottom of rankings while making a name for himself?

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JFC: JUF Ep. 5 Buildup
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