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 JFC Fight Night 1 Announcements

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PostSubject: JFC Fight Night 1 Announcements   Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:50 pm

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August 18th, 2009


- Not only will JFC Fight Night 1 be the first of its kind in the JFC it will host one of the biggest rematches in JFC history up to this point! KJ Kesler will be battling Kari Taalasmaa in a much anticipated rematch to crown the first ever JFC Light Heavyweight Champion! In their first encounter they fought to an epic draw which rocketed both men's names up in popularity! We have no clue what to expect out of this fight but it should be a truly amazing outcome no matter who the victor is.

- Another blockbuster fight announcement made just today was the current JFC Heavyweight Champion asked for a warm up fight before his first title defense which is slated for October 9th, 2009. Eza Nahka signed a 3 fight contract so he will be in the JFC for at least a little while longer, but standing in his way before his first title shot is the JFC newcomer, Shin Sato. Sato belongs to Franky Sin's stable of fighters who are very talented and versed in the sport of MMA. This will be no easy task for Nahka to plow through. Sato is one of the biggest Heavyweights that the JFC has on its roster, so his 3-3 record can be misleading. Sato is coming straight from Synchronicity, the number one ranked organization on the MMA Tycoon planet so things in the JFC will be a tad different to him. It is vital that Nahka defeats the very talented Sato in hopes to move on to October with some momentum working in his favor!

- In one last announcement about Fight Night 1, JUF contestant Piotrek "Bur" Fabianski will be looking to get back to his winning ways when he faces off against the solid wrestler, Rodrigo Jones! Fabianski is still heated after losing his opening round fight on JUF Season One against Johan Blick but he will have to clear his head and focus on the task at hand. Fabianski also has already contacted Harry Harrison and told him that he wants a rematch with Blick as soon as possible. If Fabianski gets back to winning and if Blick could go on to win the first season of JUF it would be one hell of a title match in the making!
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JFC Fight Night 1 Announcements
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