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 JFC 1: New Horizon Buildup

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PostSubject: JFC 1: New Horizon Buildup   JFC 1: New Horizon Buildup Icon_minitimeThu Jun 18, 2009 11:32 pm

- A new horizon is among the MMA Tycoon world and come June 25th, 2009 12 individuals will build the foundation of what is sure to be a staple in MMA history. The debut of the JFC will not be the most watched event in the world but rest assured it will be the beginning of great things to come. Here is a quick run down and build up of the 12 men who will be trying to put the JFC on the map!

“Hugo” Lucas Wallinder (2-0) Vs. KJ “Kryptonite” Kesler (1-0)
- The 2-0 18 year old Lucas Wallinder will has yet to see the second round in his MMA career after defeating his opponents by both KO and Submission. Lucas will be squaring off against another undefeated fighter, KJ “Kryptonite” Kesler who had a slick triangle submission over George Dopper in his debut fight in the QFC. KJ is bringing in a Purple belt in BJJ but lacks in Muay Thai skills. Lucas and KJ are currently ranked 5th and 6th in the JFC and this would be their first step towards being crowd the first ever Light Heavyweight Champion. One thing is for sure, this fight will be one great way to highlight a debut event!

Johan “The Suede Swede” Blick (2-0) Vs. Wyrm “The Swedish Disappointment” Slakten (1-0)
- We have two Swede's going toe to toe here! How many other companies can say that? Johan “The Suede Swede” Blick will be putting his 2-0 record on the line after two very impressive submission victories against fellow countryman, Wyrm “The Swedish Disappointment” Slakten! Wyrm is 1-0 and is coming off of a 1:11 fist round TKO victory in the QFC, beings the younger of the two Wyrm has to be seen as the underdog but the JFC sure don't think he will be a disappointment at all! Right off the bat we are going to see who is the best Swedish MMA fighter in the JFC!

Piotrek “Bur” Fabianski (2-1) Vs. John Donovan (1-2)
- Known for his impressive stamina Piotrek Fabianski brings in a 2-1 record with two decision wins, his only loss comes from a cut that he suffered in the 1st round against RFC fighter, Nate Heywood. John Donovan is coming in with just one win and two losses but he has proved to have good heart after getting rocked in his first fight but battling back to hold on to a decision. Donovan's stamina isn't the best but he has very solid boxing that Piotrek better watch out for. Piotrek can almost certainly outlast John but can he avoid an onslaught that long?

Javian “The Bird of Prey” Westmoreland (1-1) Vs. Chris “Handgun” Holt (0-0)
- The man with 3 words for a last name Javian Westmoreland is bringing his sharp skills into the octagon against a very dangerous Chris Holt! Both fighters skills are almost equally matched but we have to give the edge to Holt who proved to be very very dominant in his debut fight against Sawyer Pluto. Westmoreland has a big heart and will without a doubt not be an easy victory, this matchup should bring out the best in both men and could be one huge slugfest!

Kevin “The Punisher” White (1-0) Vs. Brodie “Hillbilly” Long (0-1)
- In heavyweight action we have the undefeated Kevin White going up against the 0-1 Brodie Long. With opposite records this might not look like much of a contest but this bout should feature the classic Striker Vs. Ground fighter. Kevin White looks to be a decent striker and wrestler while Brodie Long is very slick on the ground and if or when the fight ends up there White might be in way over his head, this should be an interesting fight.

Sampson “Mutt” Kesler (0-6) Vs. Andrew “The Peeper” Stull (0-0)
- Kicking the show off we have two winless lightweights going at it. Well Andrew Stull is making his MMA debut so that is why he is winless but somehow Sampson Kesler has tallied up a 0-6 record after losing all six times in the QFC, 2 by cuts, 1 by submission, and 3 by decision! We know Kesler can last to decision but he has yet to break out of this slump he is in. Sampson is a proficient boxer so it is surprising that he has yet to score a solid KO victory but who knows maybe Stull will come in over looking his 0-6 opponent and Kesler can make a name for himself in the JFC!

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JFC 1: New Horizon Buildup
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