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 Yallen Silver - JUF 1 Welterweight Winner!!!

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Yallen Silver - JUF 1 Welterweight Winner!!! Empty
PostSubject: Yallen Silver - JUF 1 Welterweight Winner!!!   Yallen Silver - JUF 1 Welterweight Winner!!! Icon_minitimeFri Sep 25, 2009 12:17 am

Yallen Silver - JUF 1 Welterweight Winner!!! JFCBanner

Yallen Silver - JUF 1 Welterweight Winner!!! JUF1winnerww

Yallen Silver is the Welterweight Winner of Junkie Ultimate Fighter Season One

- Last night on JUF Episode 7 the Welterweight Finals took place to not only crown the first ever JFC Welterweight Champion, we also crowned the first ever Junkie Ultimate Fighter!!!

- The cinderella story was completed in less than 2 minutes in the first round as Yallen Silver took his friend and opponent Calros Vasquez to the mat and let loose with some brutal ground and pound. Silver obtained a full mount which led to a thunderous rain of blows halting the fight. Silver came onto the show 0-0 as a total unknown to the JFC and the MMA world and after tonight he is ranked as the JFC's #1 fighter!

- Immediately after the fight JFC owner, Harry Harrison met Silver in the ring congratulation him and handing him his JUF Season One Trophy! After posing for several pictures Harrison and Silver shook hands.

- In completing his dream Silver took home a hefty contract, the JUF 1 crown, and the JFC Welterweight Championship!

The night was certainly electric, Silver and Vasquez didn't disappoint with a 93% fight rating and Silver also won the Knockout of the Night Award to top it all off. This will be a night that Yallen Silver will never forget. And the best part? It will all happen again next week for a very talented Middleweight! That's right the JUF 1 Finale for the Middleweights takes place exactly one week from now, the crowd will be buzzing again and I for one can't wait to see who else will be walking away as the other Junkie Ultimate Fighter!
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Yallen Silver - JUF 1 Welterweight Winner!!!
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