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 JFC 1: Recap, Results, & Awards

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JFC 1: Recap, Results, & Awards Empty
PostSubject: JFC 1: Recap, Results, & Awards   JFC 1: Recap, Results, & Awards Icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2009 6:23 pm

- JFC 1: New Horizon went perfect for the JFC's first event. JFC 1 sold out the tiny Micro Arena and actually garnered a profit from the show. Here is a quick recap of the very first JFC event...

- The show kicked off with one of the best fights the West Coast has ever seen when two winless prospects battled it out and left it all out in the ring. Andrew Stull and Sampson Kesler wowed the audience after going three rounds of none stop ground work. This was truly a technical clinic which saw Andrew Stull win his debut MMA fight with an armbar!

- Bodie Long was looking for his first MMA victory while Kevin White was trying to avoid losing his first! These two also put on one hell of a show which saw the 0-1 Bodie Long catch Kevin on the ground after Kevin dominated the fight. It just goes to show you that you can win a fight if you are slick enough and can maintain your composure. White had Long rocked early in the round but he battled back to get his very first MMA win.

- Chris Holt tried to keep his fight standing with Javian Westmoreland because he knew he had the disadvantage on the ground. Both men made it through round one which saw Chris Holt really just control the whole 5 minutes. Round two though Holt's gameplan fell apart when Westmoreland took him to the ground. It really wasn't long after that before Westmoreland got ahold of Holt's arm and almost tore it off before he tapped out!

- In Welterweight action Piotrek Fabianski took on a struggling John Donovan. This fight wasn't exactly the most exciting, infact it drew quite a few boos from the crowd early on. In rounds one and two Fabianski simply dominated Donovan no matter where the fight was. Standing he picked Donovan apart and on the ground he out maneuvered him. Round three was a much different story, Donovan's corner must have got him fired up because he came out to win the 3rd round but by then it was too late. Fabianski took the decision win 29-28 from all 3 judges.

- In the co-mainevent we had two undefeated fighters battle it out. This fight was very exciting getting the crowd back into the show, it almost went to a decision. These guys went to the 3rd round with Johan Blick narrowly winning the first round and Wyrm Slakten possibly winning the second. So the fight was up for grabs in the 3rd round. Apparently Blick didn't want the judges to decide this fight because he caught on to Slakten's arm while he was in Blick's guard and he locked in a nice armbar for a submission victory!

- In the main event of the evening we had two more undefeated fighters going at it and someone's O had to go! KJ Kesler came into this fight ready to go because as soon as the bell rang he ran over and clinched with Wallinder and tripped him with a takedown! Just like that, a smooth takedown in 7 seconds of the fight! KJ looks liked he was notches above Wallinder in his fight. Wallinder didn't have an answer for anything KJ was doing on the ground while on top of him. KJ worked Wallinder up against the cage quickly and went to work isolating his left arm and KJ locked in a very brutal looking armbar that forced Wallinder to scream in pain as he tapped out. KJ looks like a prime fighter now 3-0 with an impressive win in a little over a minute here tonight.

Andrew Stull defeated Sampson Kelser via Submission (Armbar) in 1:33 of Round 3 (100%)
Bodie Long defeated Kevin White via Submission (Armbar) in 3:56 of Round 1 (99%)
Javian Westmoreland defeated Chris Holt via Submission (Armbar) in 1:42 of Round 2 (60%)
Piotrek Fabianski defeated John Donovan via Unanimous Decision in 5:00 of Round 3 (35%)
Johan Blick defeated Wyrm Slakten via Submission (Armbar) in 2:49 of Round 3 (84%)
KJ Kesler defeated Lucas Wallinder via Submission (Armbar) in 1:03 of Round 1 (61%)

Fight of the Night:
Sampson “Mutt” Kesler Vs. Andrew “The Peeper” Stull - 100% Fight Rating

Knockout of the Night:
None Awarded

Submission of the Night:
KJ Kesler - 1:03 Armbar Victory over Lucas Wallinder
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JFC 1: Recap, Results, & Awards
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