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 JUF Season One - The Final Four

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PostSubject: JUF Season One - The Final Four   JUF Season One - The Final Four Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 2:51 am

JUF Season One - The Final Four JFCBanner

Location: JFC Headquarters – Sacramento, CA
September 13th, 2009

JUF Season One - The Final Four JUF1MAIN

- We started out with 16 fighters total, 8 Welterweights, 8 Middleweights now we are down to just the final four! These four individuals have weeded through all of the others to make it to the finals to earn a 4 digit contract along with the first ever JFC Championship belt in their weightclass! Throughout the season we have seen all kinds of controversy and triumph! So now we are going to take a look at each fighter left on the show before the final two fights of the season take place.

JUF Season One - The Final Four VasquezVsSilvertott

Calros Vasquez:
- Calros Vasquez came into the JFC with a 1-0 record and was hand picked by Harry Harrison to take part in JUF Season One. Very little was known about Vasquez besides his :55 second victory in his MMA debut. Vasquez was picked to be on Team Latent Hostility with some very serious talent, one of those talented fighters was his opponent in the finals, Yallen Silver. Vasquez was set to fight the heavy favorite Mike Hollywood in the opening round of the show and it was Silver who helped Vasquez with his wrestling skills so he could get the fight to the ground.

- Vasquez and Silver put in many hours working out a gameplan for that first fight and it worked out beautifully as it only took 1:05 in the first round to take Hollywood down and submit him with a Rear Naked Choke! The young Vasquez surprised everyone with his victory and became a notable threat on the ground for all of the other JUF competitors.

- In the Semi-Finals Vasquez was set to take on another favorite Sauli Heilimo who already held victories over Justin Sane, GLK Ino, and Marshall Matthers. His only loss came to Justin Sane by a cut! Heilimo was coming in with tons of ground experience with all 3 of his victories by submission this fight was set to be one epic ground battle.

- Again Yallen Silver who grew close to Vasquez while on the show put in some more extra hours in the gym helping him work on a game plan to get Heilimo right where he wanted him and move on to the finals. Silver and Vasquez both promised to each other that they would meet in the finals for one of the biggest fights of all time. When the fight started with Heilimo, Vasquez took him down literally 3 seconds into the fight! Vasquez then started working on submission attempt after submission attempt and with his Brown Belt in BJJ it didn't take long before Vasquez got Heilimo's back and sank in another Rear Naked Choke to advance to the Finals of the show!

- So with only 3 fights under the 19 year olds belt he has yet to see the two minute mark in a fight!!! Needless to say his style is extremely aggressive and extremely dominant! This man is poised to be great, he just needs to complete the next step, becoming the Junkie Ultimate Fighter and the first ever JFC Welterweight Champion!

Yallen Silver:
- People like to talk about Vasquez being the big unknown on this season of the show but Yallen Silver came onto the show with a 0-0 record and no amateur record! Silver was the ultimate unknown this season. You can just imagine the pressure on a 22 year old to come in and preform with some of the best fighters on the planet who already have experience.

- In Silver's first fight he took on the number one favorite to win the entire show in the welterweight division, Randy Cross. Previous to getting selected to the JUF 1 Cross ended two fighters careers back to back! He didn't just end any two fighters careers he ended two brothers careers! Brian and Sean Miller had their MMA careers cut short by the ruthless and relentless Randy Cross. So what do you think a rookie making his debut would think about when he was stepping into the cage with a Career Killer such as Randy Cross?

- The difference about Silver is that he is a leader at heart, he came in with no MMA background but seemed to be a great non-official leader for Team Latent Hostility. When he stepped into the cage with Cross he had a great gameplan in mind and executed it perfectly! Silver withstood Cross's early barrage and took him down to the mat, once there he showed his downright dangerous ground and pound ability by gaining the mount and pounding Cross almost unconscious! Silver shocked not only the JFC but the entire MMA world with this victory. It showed that Silver has a clear head on this shoulders and he knows what it takes to get the job done.

- But his next fight was against Teammate Johan Blick who would be entering the cage with a 5-0 record and ranked the #1 fighter in the JFC at the time. Silver would have to avoid the very dangerous submissions from Blick if he wanted to uphold his promise to Vasquez and make it to the finals. In the fight with Blick Silver came in with the plan to pound out another victory but no one has a chin like Blick, it is easier said then done. Round one of the fight saw Silver's wonderful wrestling take Blick down and land several strikes while avoiding all the submissions Blick could throw at him. Silver dominated the round and did the exact same thing in round 2! So with two rounds in Silver's favor he had a decision locked up, all he had to do was survive. Silver came into the 3rd round gassed so it wasn't going to be easy. At the start of the final round Blick took Silver down easily and attempted 8 submissions!!! But Silver was able to defend all of them!

- After the bell Silver was announced the winner and he fell to his knees in disbelief! The first man to rush in and hoist Silver up was his other teammate Calros Vasquez!!! So it is set that now friends Yallen Silver and Calros Vasquez will meet for the title and for the JUF plaque!
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Posts : 83
Join date : 2009-06-10
Age : 32
Location : Wilmington, NC

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PostSubject: Re: JUF Season One - The Final Four   JUF Season One - The Final Four Icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 2:27 am

JUF Season One - The Final Four VladimierVsBishoptott

Nicolai Vladimier:
- Nicolai Vladimier is quickly becoming one of the biggest draws in the company. His submissions have caught everyones eye in the MMA world but what the JFC know him from now is his heroic like effort in his first fight this season on Episode 4. A drunk David Harrison was the cause of a brutal tumble down a flight of stairs in the JUF house. Nicolai was rushed to the ER where it was determined that he suffered a concussion. The doctor told him he simply could not compete just days before his fight with David but Nicolai refused to hear it and went out and fought anyways.

- That alone won the fans and fighters respect but that wasn't enough for Nicolai, not only did Nicolai get his revenge on David he submitted David in only 45 seconds into the fight!!! David Harrison tapped to an arm triangle and it brought the JFC crowd to their feet cheering for their new hero, Nicolai Vladimier.

- JFC owner Harry Harrison went down on record by saying he has never seen a kid with such a big heart and so much passion for himself and the business. Keep in mind Nicolai is only 18 years old! In the next round Nicolai was set to face Kaleb Forrest, an established competitor who was coming into this fight with a 4-1 record. Kaleb was known for going the distance and Nicolai has yet to see a decision so it was unclear wether or not he could last 15 full minutes before gassing out.

- Truth be told it didn't matter because Nicolai pulled out all the stops and dominated the first round, then it only took 2 minutes into the 2nd round before Nicolai got in the perfect position to catch Kaleb in an armbar! After another sick submission Nicolai secured his spot in the JUF Season 1 Finals! Kaleb is one of the most exciting fighters in the company on the ground. In Nicolai's only 3 fights with the JFC he has won the Submission of the Night Award each fight! Nicolai currently holds the record for most Submission of the Night Awards as well as the most overall Fight Night Awards at 4! There is a reason these people love this kid, and in due time he will get his opportunity at the gold!

Steven Bishop:
- As of this release date Steven Bishop is the #1 ranked fighter in the JFC. Do you think that has gotten to his ego? I think not! During all of the drama and fighting that broke out in the JUF house this season Steven Bishop was the man that was never really in the mix. Steven Bishop isn't much of a show off type guy but on thing is for sure, he knows what it takes to get in and out of that cage with a victory. Coming onto the show wit a 2-0 record with impressive wins he was touted as one of the Middleweight favorites to win the season.

- Right off the bat on Episode 1 Bishop was set to take on Samuele Oren who was coming in with a Purple Belt in BJJ. Everyone knew this fight would eventually find its way to the mat with both fighters so skilled in that department but even Oren was surprised with the sick pace that Bishop fought with. Bishop came in and nailed a lightning fast takedown and pretty much put Oren's BJJ game to shame with out positioning him and passing control so easily. It didn't take very long for Bishop to get in a great position to latch onto Oren's left arm and lock in a very painful looking Kimura forcing Oren to tap out and give up his dream to become the first Junkie Ultimate Fighter!

- When Episode 5 rolled around Bishop was slated to take on the loud mouth Gib Nudger. Nudger bashed Bishop's previous fights and made a very bold announcement and promise to everyone in the house. Nudger stated that if Bishop defeated him he would leave the JFC for good! Bishop didn't get into with Nudger, but it didn't matter because Nudger didn't need another else to put on a show. He through a hissy fit and smashed his beer bottle up against the wall and made a total ass of himself. Bishop just smiled and sat back knowing what he had to do.

- When the first between these two started Bishop keep to his routine with a ruthless pace that saw him take Nudger to the mat and simply out perform him in every aspect of the ground game. Nudger did take Bishop to the second longest fight in Bishop's short career, but the fight still never lasted past the first round! With just 4 seconds to go before the end of round one Bishop sank in a guillotine choke from the bottom, Nudger panicked and tried to wiggle free but he just sank deeper into the choke! Nudger was then forced to tap out before he passed out only 4 seconds shy of the bell!

- Nudger through a fit after the fight of course arguing that he never tapped out but JFC owner Harry Harrison confronted him in the ring with his current JFC contract. Harry then ripped up Gib's contract right in front of him as he fell to his knees in disbelief and the crowd was loving every minute of it. It just goes to show you, if you are going to run your mouth, you better be able to back it up! This was Bishop's biggest win to date and it still didn't even make it into the second round. It is unclear if anyone in the world, let alone the JFC, can hang with the fast paced submission skills of Steven Bishop.

- One you thing you can bet on, this fight between Bishop and Vladimier is going to be electric, don't blink or you may miss the fight of the year!!!
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JUF Season One - The Final Four
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