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 JFC: JUF Ep. 2 Buildup

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JFC: JUF Ep. 2 Buildup Empty
PostSubject: JFC: JUF Ep. 2 Buildup   JFC: JUF Ep. 2 Buildup Icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 2:41 am

- On episode one each team lost a member of their team as Mike Hollywood was upset by Calros Vasquez scoring a huge win for Latent Hostility. The rock solid Steven Bishop secured his team a victory with a dominant win over Samuele Oren. With the teams still even we saw an outbreak earlier this week with several of the fighters coming to blows in the JUF house! Forrest and Feager face off in the main event tonight but we all got a short preview of it after Team Latent Hostility taunted Ryan Feager and Harry Focker and it boiled over into a all out brawl. Team Makya Tap Out's Randy Cross and Team Latent Hostility's Yallen Silver are also on the chopping block. Randy Cross has so far chosen a calm and collected approach to the JUF not really getting to involved and staying to himself while Yallen has really shown some team leadership traits helping the team out quite a bit during training. Silver is coming into the show with a 0-0 record but he sure is showing signs of being a mature fighter, we will see how he handles his JFC and MMA debut here on the second episode.

JFC: JUF Ep. 2 Buildup JUF1MAIN

***JUF Elimination Fight***
Team Latent Hostility's Kaleb “Spliff” Forrest (3-1) Vs. Team Makya Tap Out's “Rhino” Ryan Feager (1-1)
- So far in Ryan Feager's short MMA career he has seen some big ups and downs. He has been on top of the world after winning his MMA debut fight then his confidence took a turn to the south as his manager turned him loose to free agency before his JFC debut. He then lost a very lope sided decision to Kaleb Forrest. Now his new manager Ashley Morrison has his head on straight and after him and Kaleb were signed to the first JUF Season he made it known that he wanted a chance at some point to avenge his loss to Forrest. Kaleb Forrest is one of the best well rounded fighters in the JFC at this point. He isn't perfect in any aspect of the game but he is trained well in all categories. Forrest is coming into this fight with a 3-1 record and his only loss was too a very good fighter known as "ARM BAR". Kaleb has a solid boxing background but he has yet to finish an opponent by KO, you have to believe with everything on the line tonight, there is no time like the present to score that first KO victory! This should be a classic rematch!

***JUF Elimination Fight***
Team Makya Tap Out's “The Painmaker” Randy Cross (2-0) Vs. Team Latent Hostility's Yallen Silver (0-0)
- The undefeated and highly talked about prospect Randy Cross is coming into this fight with his head very high. He holds two very impressive victories over the Miller brothers and has proven he has a "get the job done and get out" attitude. After ending Brian Miller's career he took on Brian's younger brother Sean at JFC 3: No Limits and since that fight Sean has yet to feel anything in his left leg! It is quite possible that Randy Cross could be soon labeled the "Career Killer". You would think that would strike fear into the eyes of any opponent, but not the rookie Yallen Silver who simply can't wait to get into the JFC cage. Silver will be the older of the two and of course he will be the underdog in the betting lines but don't tell him that. Silver is what you call a team player and a guy that has got his camp extra motivated for this week in the JUF. Silver will be looking for his first taste of victory and it could be the first upset of his career. If he can score a second big upset for Team Latent Hostility just as Calros did last week, this could shift the confidence level around in a hurry. One thing is for sure, these two should be electric in the cage this Thursday!

Dan “Blastboy” Twardy (1-0) Vs. Andrew “The Peeper” Stull (1-0)
- Fresh off of his KO of the Night award at JFC 3 Dan Twardy is going for his second consecutive win against a very young and anxious Andrew Stull. These are two prospects in the game, not even hit their twenties yet, both of these guys have already shown so much potential. Both have won awards in their first JFC shows, you have to believe they are going to tear the house down come this Thursday on the second episode of JUF! Both fighters hold a blue belt in BJJ and we have to give the slight edge to Stull in the standup game but as we seen with Twardy in his first fight where he got rocked and lost the first round he came back in the 2nd and scored a beautiful full mounted KO! Don't blink folks, or you might miss another fight of the night here.

Dustin “The Fairy King” McClure (2-8) Vs. PJ “Black Mamba” Lind (2-2)
- Sticking with the lightweights we have Dustin McClure making his JFC debut with a poor record but he has assured JFC owner Harry Harrison that he is on top of his game now after winning his last fight. Harry has put McClure to the test by giving him PJ Lind who is currently riding a 2 fight win streak after losing his first two fights. Right away everyone is writing off the 22 year old but don't sleep on his abilities. The JFC seems to bring the best out in every fighter!

David “Dave” Dahh (2-3) Vs. “Extreminator IV” Mark Jastrzabski (2-4)
- David Dahh will also be making his JFC debut as he takes on Mark Jastrzabski who has had his run with talented fighters. Neither fighter has a winning record but this could be the turning point right here, right now. Mark holds the advantages in the standup and clinch game but Dahh will have the advantage on the mat, so if Mark can avoid the ground he could score his first JFC win and snap his 2 fight losing streak. But with two submission victories already to his career, David Dahh has let it be known that that isn't going to be easy to do.

Tito “H Beach Badass” Ortiz (0-4) Vs. “Godzilla Killa” Soy Jon Bon Kim (0-1)
- On the undercard we have two winless fighters going at it. Lets face it, Tito Ortiz hasn't had a very good career so far. He has suffered 4 straight losses and has not even made it out of the first round yet. He is going to be trying to make a change in his career against a 0-1 Japanese Giant, Soy Jon Bon Kim. The "Godzilla Killa" lost his debut fight against a very good Eza Nahka who will be fighting for the Heavyweight Title this weekend. The JFC Giant has solid boxing skills but still seems to be outmatched in the standup game against Tito. Jon Bon Kim will be weighting in 30 pounds heavier than Tito which should pose as another challenge for the man who is trying to avoid a 0-5 skid! This is a really big fight for both men, someone is leaving the arena with a win tonight, the question is who wants it more?

“Mr. Flawless” Jake Davids (0-2) Vs. Johnny “Mr Feva” Feaver (1-1)
- Jake Davids will be stepping into the JFC cage once again looking for his first MMA win. This time he will be facing a new comer to the company, Johnny Feaver who already holds a victory to his name. Both of these guys have the fire to be a solid name in the sport but they just need to get a jump start, this could be the moment they are looking for. Both hold at least one very exciting fight already to their name, the JFC hopes these two come in swinging for the fences and we are sure that one of these guys are going to hit a homerun. They won't be seen on the main card but sometimes that is when you get the most exciting fight, seeing the guys who want to be noticed go out there and really lay it all out on the line.

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JFC: JUF Ep. 2 Buildup
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