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 JFC: JUF Ep. 6 Buildup

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JFC: JUF Ep. 6 Buildup Empty
PostSubject: JFC: JUF Ep. 6 Buildup   JFC: JUF Ep. 6 Buildup Icon_minitimeThu Sep 10, 2009 1:43 am

- With only two fights left to see who makes it to the semi-finals of season one the JFC fans are growing in anticipation! Everyone wants to know just who the best Middleweight and Welterweight fighter is in the JFC! Time will tell my friends. This card isn't only stacked with two GREAT main events we have the first ever 10 fight card in JFC history! Vegas will be rockin' come September 10th! You won't want to miss the action, here is what will be taking place.....

JFC: JUF Ep. 6 Buildup JUF1MAIN

***JUF Elimination Fight***
Team Latent Hostility's Kaleb “Spliff” Forrest (4-1) Vs. Team Makya Tap Out's Nicolai “Subzero” Vladimier (3-0)
- Nicolai Vladimier shocked the entire MMA world when he battled with a concussion and defeated David Harrison less than a minute into the fight! Now he has his hands full with Team Latent Hostility's Kaleb Forrest. Kaleb has been solid in the JFC thus far but he has only fought one opponent. Kaleb did dominate Feager in both fights and is known for going the distance. Nicolai Vladimier is the favorite with his submission expertise but don't count out the always tough Forrest. One thing is for sure, the fans will be leaving the show with a smile on their face after this battle is over!

***JUF Elimination Fight***
Team Latent Hostility's Yallen Silver (1-0) Vs. Team Latent Hostility's Johan “The Suede Swede” Blick (5-0)
- Over the past month it has been clear that Team Latent Hostility's welterweights have been far superior than Team Makya Tap Out's. Now undefeated teammates Johan Blick and Yallen Silver have to square off to prove who desires to be in the semi-finals. The 5-0 Blick is a huge favorite in the betting lines but Yallen Silver has already pulled off one huge upset this season. Silver scored a TKO victory over Randy Cross in a little under two minutes! At the time Cross was 2-0 and one of the favorites to win the entire season. Silver's ground and pound is certainly deadly but so is Blick's ground game. This could be a very tricky outcome, and the winner gets to face their other teammate who has already advanced, Calros Vasquez.... what a treat that will be!

Illy Mustafa (5-3) Vs. Samuele “The Eagle” Oren (2-2)
- The JFC's newest acquisition Illy Mustafa will be debuting with a 5-3 record and taking on the always unpredictable Samuele Oren! All 5 of Mustafa's victories have come by way of submission and he has yet to see the 3rd round!!! Mustafa is known for being a very aggressive and exciting fighter so he should have a lot to add to the Middleweight division. Oren has been somewhat shaky thus far, Oren does hold a purple belt in BJJ but he has been caught in the past and lost by TKO in only 10 seconds! Oren's only other loss came in round one of the JUF against Johan Blick who is also fighting tonight. This is a very important fight for both men, Oren will be trying to prove he can actually hang with the other top middleweights. While Mustafa is making his debut and trying to show everyone that he is the future of the JFC.

Cory “The Demon” Williams (4-4) Vs. Thiago “Rushbull” St. Pierre (3-1)
- These two are near the top of the JFC Heavyweight division and the winner of this fight will be making a nice step towards the Championship title. Williams is 4-4 but undefeated in the JFC so far. After a rocky start to his career going 1-4 he has really picked it up and has zoned in on his striking abilities. Williams is well rounded but his respectable boxing has to be highlighted as his standup game has improved so much that his last three victories has been as brutal as could be scoring him a KO of the Night Award. St. Pierre's only loss came from the JFC Heavyweight Champion Nahka, so other then that blemish St. Pierre has been very sharp. If he can avoid the submission game he has a great chance to win the fight. With Williams and St. Pierre both willing to trade blows this will probably end up like a homerun derby. Who will be hitting the game winning homerun this Thursday?

Robbie Law (1-3) Vs. “Godzilla Killa” Soy Jon Bon Kim (2-1)
- The JFC giant Soy Jon Bon Kim will be entering the cage only 10 days after his last fight against Matt Casey. Robbie Law is coming off of a horrible record setting 5 second defeat to Brock Lesnar so will his head still be on straight to face the giant? Law hasn't had very much success in the JFC or his career yet only tallying one victory in 4 fights. Law has all the tools to win fights but apparently lacks in the gameplan category. Will he be able to upset the giant? Or will Jon Bon Kim continue his little tear through the Heavyweight Division?

Mike “Hands of Stone” Hollywood (2-2) Vs. GLK “Dog” Ino (2-5)
- Two JUF competitors who suffered defeats in their first round fights. Hollywood lost to Calros Vasquez who was unknown to the JFC at the time and after that upset he lost and amazing fight by decision to the very talented Justin Sane. GLK Ino's only JFC victory came over the winless Alaska Brown so his 2-5 record might actually be worse than it looks! GLK does have an amazing heart and steps up to the plate when asked which is why JFC owner Harry Harrison likes having him around. Mike Hollywood however is a -700 favorite to win this fight and it will be a HUGE uphill battle for GLK to overtake and leave with a victory.

Kostas “TK” Tsioutas (1-1) Vs. Steven “The Fryman” Chow (1-0)
- Steven Chow finally will get to make his JFC debut against the purple belt Kostas Tsioutas! Two fighters with little experience will battle it out in what should be an amazing ground battle. Both fighters infact hold a purple belt in BJJ so the outcome of a submission is inevitable! With the lack of experience it will probably be the man who makes the most mistakes who get caught in a submission. Chow had a brilliant heel hook victory in his QFC fight against Victor Belfort. This fight has submission of the night written all over it!

Maro “The Mauler” Santos (0-1) Vs. Carson Patrick (0-1)
- Someones O has got to go!!! In the win column that is! Maro Santos and Carson Patrick both lost their MMA debuts both being in the JFC. Santos lost to a much tougher opponent in Randy Cross and actually won fight of the night honors for his performance. Patrick lost to a very lackluster Rodrigo Jones who hasn't been very impressive at all lately. So the edge goes to Santos but it could have just been debuting jitters who knows. One thing is for certain, someone is getting their first career win!

Brandon “Badass” Massie (2-11) Vs. Royce Rua (0-0)
- Royce Rua will be making his JFC and MMA debut by taking on the severally struggling Brandon Massie. Rua looks to be well rounded but his lack of experience could become a factor in this fight. Massie hasn't won since July 20th and is currently on a 4 fight skid, his wrestling background really hasn't paid off for him yet in his career. Although his last win was a devastating KO from a slam that knocked his opponent unconscious for several minutes. Massie lacks skills in several departments so this could prove to be just another nightmare in this struggling fighters career, he will also be making his JFC debut.

Alexander “Spartacus” Lara (5-11) Vs. “Cadaver” Commie Sutra (2-2)
- Just added, Alexander Lara looks to rebound from his JFC debut loss to Christian Benavidez. Lara holds 11 losses to his name but comes in with much more experience than Sutra who will be making his JFC debut. Lara has lost 8 of his 11 fights by submission so it is safe to say that is his weakness but will Sutra who is only a blue belt be able to capitalize on that weakness? Sutra had a short run with Wings before they folded and now he has arrived to the JFC to prove his worth in a shallow Lightweight Division. The JFC Lightweight Division is starving for a star and Commie Sutra looks to be just the man to fill that void.

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JFC: JUF Ep. 6 Buildup
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